Summary “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

In the article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”  Stephen Marche stated that the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter has strengthening our connections. However, he purported that research suggest the rise in loneliness and narcissism. He went further to outline mental and physical illness to our souls and society as a result of the loneliness caused by Facebook. Stephen Marche gave an example of Yvette Vickers’s mysterious death, comparing the attention she received in death and to the final years of her life. His argument incorporates religious feelings based on German study on loneliness. The report states that active believers who saw God as abstract and helpful rather than as a wrathful immediate presence were less lonely and that the mere belief in God was relatively independent of loneliness. He also mentioned few researchers like Burke’s whose research does not support the assertion that Facebook create loneliness rather she said the people who experience loneliness on Facebook are lonely away from Facebook.

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