Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? (Summary)

The Article Discusses the Disadvantages of having a conversation through technology instead of a face to face conversation. According to the article people who spend their time on devices and social network sights are finding themselves lacking in the ability to communicate in person. The topic involving Facebook is also something to discuss considering it came during a time when loneliness in humanity was at an all time high people were promised a chance to change that while in fact it only made online communication and online rep a thing of great interest while the good old days of hanging out with friends and talking with other people face to face a thing of the past. People saw themselves able to change their lives through the internet and they though themselves able to do anything and be anyone while in fact in the real world they could be the most antisocial person in the world.

3 thoughts on “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? (Summary)

  1. I agree with what your saying. Like the fact that people are so involved with social media they forget to actually be social. Talking and hanging out with friends are definitely things of the past.

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