Steps to Upload Print Screen

I have done the Print Screen and it works. Below are the steps I followed to make it work.

 1) To print screen there is a button named ‘ Prnt Scrn / Sys Req ‘ on your keyboard. Please choose the window you want to print or if it is the desktop then the desktop and press ‘ Alt + Prnt Scrn / Sys Req ‘.
2) Now click the ‘ Start ‘ menu and click ‘ Run ‘.
3) Type in ‘ mspaint ‘ and click ‘ OK ‘.
4) In the new window that opens press ‘ ctrl + v ‘ to paste the screen you printed just now.
5) Now in ‘ Paint ‘ click ‘ File ‘ menu and then click ‘ Save ‘.
6) In the ‘ Save In ‘ field select the location where you want to save. Provide the name of the file in the ‘ File Name ‘ field. and select the ‘ Save as Type ‘ as ‘ JPEG ‘ and click ‘ Save ‘.
7) Now you have a normal .jpeg file that you can upload to your webpage just as you would any other picture.
Hope it works for you too.

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