“The Flight from Conversation” and “Saving the lost of conversation” -Vunita Mieres-

In both articles “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle and “Saving the lost of conversation” by Megen Garber both talked about the way that social media affects the way people interact with each other. Turkle have stated “that we have gotten the habit of being alone together, two people can be in two separate places all alone and somehow still be connected so that they are alone together by their devices”. I agree with the authors that in the world social network can make someone lonely because it allows you to interact socially but without any social interaction.
As stated in the article Turkle pointed out that in this modern day there is no longer people having any face to face conversation and talking to each other. I agree because I’ve personally saw that when I go to restaurants I see families around the dinner table and instead of holding a conversation they will be into their phone on social media or texting. Also I have saw while friends are hanging out before holding a conversation within the group they will be into their phones.
On my facebook page I have over four hundred friends although I mainly converse with about forty of them and can personally call like four of them when I need help. However facebook does not make me lonely because compare to others I have a whole different life outside of facebook social network and also have other friends and family that I can interact with whenever I need help. I do have meaningful communication with friends and family on facebook because I’m able to share a lot of special moments with them even though they are so far away.
And I like that on facebook it also has the option to tag photos to your friends and family, it helps you to feel included in major activities. There are also the option of liking photos and statuses that helps start conversations and shows acknowledgement. Social media helps build community with people addressing major issues in different vicinities. Some facebook statuses may be written to offend others and some may be written to uplift a lot of facebook friend’s self-esteem. I use facebook to show my positive side and my love life.
I have also ask some of my friends that has social media such as facebook how do they use facebook and they said that they use it as a photo album, a diary and a scrapbook to keep record of their life. I have also browse through their profile and I have seen that they also uses facebook for similar reasons as I do which is to stay connected with distant friends and family. And they also share their thoughts and idea through this social media site.

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