HW for Tu 2/18

I hope that you survived the snowstorm OK, and that you are enjoying the long holiday weekend!

As we discussed in class, please make a summary of “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” for Tuesday (2/18). You should create your summary according to the guidelines in my “Strategies for Summarizing” post, and post your one paragraph summary (no later than Monday night), categorizing it as “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

There is no new reading for Tuesday, though I expect you all to carefully re-read/annotate the previous three readings we have done so far. You should come in on Tuesday ready to discuss these texts, being able to point to Marche’s own claims/evidence in the article (identifying his argument) as well as being able to articulate your own claims (argument/analysis) in response to his article, along with evidence to support your claims.

Make sure that as you re-read the texts, you practice reverse outlining, and that next to every paragraph of the articles, you jot down what the main ideas are, not only in terms of what is being stated (the content), but what role/function it has within the author’s larger argument (the purpose).

See you all Tuesday afternoon!

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