Communicating Or Not

These days the topic of ways in which people communicate is in the headlines. We see articles in magazines and newspapers about technology, the pros and the reality. Everyone has an opinion; whether they are an expert or just a regular Joe. This is because it is part of our everyday lives and most likely to remain that way.
We use technology for so many things. You can shop and never touch the item you are buying. People send “selfies” all over the internet and have no idea who is looking at them. Couples break-up by texting or e-mailing one another as if it is not personal. What is going on?
Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and professor at MIT is publishing a second book regarding her “primary academic interest-the relationship between humans and machines”. For fifteen years she has studied the concept of mobile connections and interviewed hundreds of people. She wrote an article titled “The Flight From Conversation”, published last year in The New York Times in which she states “We’ve become accustomed to a new way of being alone together.”
As someone who was born before there was technology in every home, I am concerned for the children. They will never have those long talks at the kitchen table. And Saturday nights playing scrabble with your parents….is probably considered obsolete. This important family time is no longer in existence, it seems. Wherever I am, most everyone is looking at a phone or other gadget. It is amazing for someone of my generation to witness this. This is part of everyday life and almost impossible to avoid.
People have to be made aware of what they are missing. Parents should absolutely insist on family time with no technology in sight. I am sure the kids would protest and it would be strange at first. Children should be pushed to read books regularly. Families and friends would benefit by playing old fashioned games. The new language is not one where people feel they have to really communicate and they need to learn how to.
I remember my fathers first cell phone. It reminded me of Get Smart and his shoe phone… was so big. Thankfully my relationship with my dad was already adult. We can all use the technology and benefit from it but losing sight of real communication is a danger. My best friend uses her gadgets while we are having dinner. I have asked for her to abstain. It’s up to us. We have to integrate the new with the old and find a balance.
After reading the articles, I have come to the conclusion that things will continue to change. Technology is a part of my life worth keeping. As a matter of fact, new things will be invented that we could never have dreamed of and I may like some of them. Being fully grown before this explosion has enabled me to use what I need and want but not rely on facebook for my friendships.
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