Is Facebook making us lonely?

“Is Facebook making us lonely?” by Stephen Marche is about how using social networks can tend to make us feel lonely at times. A quote that helped me understand the Article was “We are living in isolation that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors, and yet we have never been more accessible”.Throughout the entire story Article Vickers story caught my attention the most. When I read about Yvette Vickers and how famous, beautiful, and well known she was, I couldn’t help to look up her image. She was a beautiful lady and in my opinion she favors Marilyn Monroe.No matter how pretty she was or how well known she was by her movies or her Playboy Magazines, she was lonely, and died alone. Her neighbor Susan Savage looked up some of her phone bills and saw she made calls to distant fans who knew her through a convention, no family no friends no one close. She was alone. The I also read “she received much more attention in death than she did in the final years of her life. With no children, no religious group, and no immediate social circle of any kind, she had begun ,as an elderly woman, to look elsewhere for companionship.” I’m not sure if social network actually contributed to her being lonely. I do believe it brought awareness to her death, although it was very late.

I like how in the article it stated just because your alone doesn’t mean your lonely…there’s a difference. Sometimes being alone can be good, sometimes controlling the distance people are from you can be good, because crowds can be annoying that is so true. It kind of reminded me of a Kelly Clarkson lyric”…doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone..”

Some people would say Facebook makes you lonely, but I would say social networking can make you miss actual human interaction such as conversations, seeing each other interacting. To be disconnected from the world because of social network I guess it can make you lonely. I guess that’s why people say ” I wish you were here” because internet connection cant replace human connection.

When you raise your head from your device and see a dark room …you may feel alone. But you have a choice. Some people like Yvette Vickers probably should’ve used the internet to connect with people before she passed, but she was 82-83, with todays crazy internet upgrades and complicated internet, would she really have been able to? I don’t know but instead of it making her lonely it could’ve helped give her company. On the  other hand the article said she didn’t have any children or family, That’s sad. But she still should’ve had friends, but at her age they probably passed before she did. I cant find a way for her to win. Maybe Bingo night at a senior center or a motor chair for strolls in the park.

I’m on the fence about Facebook making you lonely because it helps time pass you by when you need it to.. It connects you to people far away from you. On the other hand. It distracts you from your life and from other people.

So, I’m on the fence.




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