Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

“Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Stephen Marche focuses mainly on the effects of social media. New research shows that social media such as Facebook can make people very lonely and the loneliness is causing them to become mentally and physically ill. Movie star Yvette Vickers mummified body was found in her house. No one knew when she died, but her computer was still on when they found her body. Her death was the subject of many Facebook posts and tweets within a few days. According to the article Facebook has as many as 845 million users and it is the largest Internet IPO in history. The company’s potential value is estimated to be $100 billion. Even though Facebook is really popular, it is creating loneliness among people and also creating distances between close relationships. Due to social media, loneliness is rising quickly which is making us more miserable.

The new research and Stephen Marche’s claims on Facebook and other social media have a point. I would agree with most of the information in the article. Facebook and other social media sites are probably making people lonely. According to Stephen Marche, Yvette Vickers was a former playboy playmate and B-movie star and her dead body which was mummified was found by a neighbor. Her dead body was there for many days, but when they found her body, her computer was still on. If her computer was on , then she was probably using the computer before her death. Her death was the subject of 16,057 Facebook posts and 881 tweets and obviously her death got more attention than her everyday life. Some data collection proved that Vickers made calls to distant fans before her death. making calls to fans instead of family and friends for months shows that she was dealing with loneliness. At one point Stephen Marche mentions that ” the more connected we become, the lonelier we are.” (2)

Facebook is huge, it has many users, the company itself is worth a lot. Facebook was even compared to being a culture and a country because it is so vast in population. Even though it is very popular, Facebook is creating loneliness and distance between real friends and close relationships. Based on the article, loneliness is rising quickly and it is making us miserable. Facebook users read about other people’s good lives and feel miserable because they can’t be like that. Loneliness causes bad health conditions such as obesity, hormonal imbalances, memory may be worse, depression, bad sleeping and you are less likely to survive a serious operation. People with bad family relationships use social media to seek companionship. John Cacioppo, an expert on loneliness claims that the more face- to- face communication the less lonely you are.(7) Australian researcher’s study shows that Facebook users are excessive self lovers.

mona_lisa_after_10_days_of_having_a_facebook_account_9422 I found this image funny, and it actually shows how much a person can change because of social media. Normally you wouldn’t see Mona Lisa like this.

Facebook users have many friends, but out of all those friends, maybe a few of them are real friends. Personally I don’t think Facebook is about meaningful bonds. A persons personality can change based on the activities they do on social media sites. Tagging, liking, posting and commenting can build community but it can also be looked at it negatively because you have to be careful on what you do. People may post things that they think are interesting to them, like something funny or something that they think others should see. Is Facebook causing loneliness?…Does the internet make people lonely, or are lonely people more attracted to the internet?(5)….

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