Internet Paradox

Would you consider being alone, and loneliness the same thing? Well research specifically done on Facebook advocates has caught the attention of many Doctors on this matter, and all the negative effects that come along with social media. Stephen Marche makes plenty of surprising points in his article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely”. Loneliness is not a matter of external conditions but rather more of a psychological state which can cause Neuroticism, or anxiety with due time. This is rapidly growing which is expected to soon surpass another addictive industry; the global coffee industry which is estimated to gross an astonishing $100 billion dollars in revenue which goes to show that there might me more people using Facebook than drinking coffee. What will be done? How will this keep effecting us? What does the future behold for the social media industry?
Yvette Vickers, a former playboy playmate is a sad, but perfect example of the control social media has stamped into our minds. Age 83 she passed away when Los Angeles magazine decided to look at her phone records to get a better understanding of her last few months alive. They Shockingly found out there were no phone calls to family nor close friends, but to distant fans who found her through fan conversations, and internet sites. This would explain the clutter they found in her house, and the computer still being on caused by loneliness from my prospective.
Being more connected than ever might sound good to everyone when  they first get a taste of it, but behind closed doors the outcomes are leading to narcissistic people with higher risk of mental, and physical illness. Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist at NYU, writes ” Reams of published research show that it’s the quality and the quantity of social interaction that best predicts loneliness.”(Pg.2 Para.6) A 2005 analysis of data from a longitudinal study of Dutch twins showed the tendency toward loneliness has roughly the same genetic component as other  psychological problems such as neuroticism, or anxiety (pg.3 Para.1)
My personal opinion on this matter as a user is that it does entitle you to start useless conversations with people you haven’t talked to in ages while your in the midst of doing something productive or important. For the most part to me it’s a great outlet to check up on old friends and “feel” updated on life, but it’s a major distraction that can become addictive. Lets be realistic, I have 1,608 friends on facebook, and I might talk to 7 on a regular basis. You might ask yourself now why do I have all these friends? Well a quarter of them I personally do not know, and might just think I’m cute or something, but having them as my friend or not doesn’t personally matter to me (but I’m digressing). According to some studies results it’s a sign of loneliness or insecurity. Facebook is making most people disconnected from reality; so us as a humanity need to learn how to find true happiness and, separate fact from fiction.


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