Reading Response Flight From Converstaion

The article “The Fight From Conversation by Sherry Turke” speaks about how conversation has changed over the years.How people graduated from full verbal conversations to text and emails.In a way she speaks about how she feels that text and email is taking the emotions out of conversation. She talks about how modernized the world is and how one young boy said “One day i hope i can have a real conversation”.This goes to show you that text messages and emails has taken over modern day conversation. And how some people feel like its much easier to just text and email people rather than have verbal conversation. In my opinion i think technology is good because some people are shy. Not everybody is able to speak their mind fluently. Some people cane express their mind better threw text or email rather than verbally. I Understand because I’m one of those person who can express my mind better threw text rather than verbally. Sometimes people thoughts get jumbled up as they speak or they become nervous. But as technology gets more advanced i don’t think people will have verbal conversations any more. But in the article they said “We expect more from technology and less from one another” . I think this statement explains how we use technology to do almost everything and rely less on others for anything.The second article talks about how she speaks on agreeing with the statements Terry made is correct. And how text and emails is killing conversation. But she also agrees that text and emails play one of the biggest roles in conversation and how it is helpful. In the article Turkle said” She can’t watch mothers not talking to their kids”. Modern days mothers use their phones more than they have modern conversation. This is something i seen happening in public places.But both articles have valid points on electronics is modern society. And how it takes up takes over modern conversation and how verbal conversation is better than text messages or emails.

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