HI there I’m Daniel

Hi there I’m Daniel Diaz, I’m eighteen years old  and this is my first semester in City Tech . I was born in Bogota, Colombia on September 5, 1995. I am a only child, despite my extended family being very large including 8 uncles and one aunt on my father side and on my mother side I have 5 uncles and 3 aunts . I move to the United States at the age of four and only recently gone back to Colombia  to meet my family that i haven’t seen in fourteen years. Anyways this being my first semester back in school after a long brake i been having trouble getting back in to the grove of school work ,but hopefully i can kick my self back in to gear .

My major is computer science (mathematics/ programming) but I’m also thinking to study computer engineering mostly because I since I was little I was fascinated by electronics .I remember I when I was 6 I had many radios and I would always somehow sneak away my fathers tool box to dismantal the radio trying to learn what every piece and wire did. Then panic trying  to rebuild the radio knowing that my mother would come home and see my brake more radios. even thought i was always interested in the hardware of electronics not so long ago I got engrossed in programming cause of a sql/java programming class and never has some thing clicked with me so much.

But programming  is not my only hobby, I also enjoy Swimming, Hand Ball, Gaming and Parkour / Free running (that I just recently got in to by some close friends). even thought that I was born with a condition called Pectus excavatum or concave sternum that causes irregular cardiac and respiratory function and other side effects.cause of my condition I was not allowed to take part of contact sports and sports that may cause me to have trouble breathing. I hated not being able to run around and play so took up swimming hoping to help me being able to control my breathing . now after 6 years of swimming I’m considering taking the life guard exam  even thought I’m not that confident I hope i can do it.

hopefully I’m able to get to know all of you guys better and grow as a person in this semester.

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  1. Hope you’re enjoying the course so far Daniel! Good luck with the lifeguard exam if you take it (I used to lifeguard and teach swimming for many years … it is a wonderful job!). Just a friendly reminder to add a photo of yourself (if you feel comfortable doing so) to your Introduction. You can always go back and “edit” this post to add it.

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