blog 1/3/14

The articles that I have read share extremly similarites. One is writen by Sherry Turkle, its called ”The Flight From Conversation” and the other one is written by Megen Garber and its called “Saving The Lost Art of Conversation” which the athor of “The Flight of Conversation” Sherry Turkle is in. Now both of these article are talking about how theirs less conversations between human because of the rise of technolegy. With the statement that people are having less conversation with each other but talking more in some way may be a fact. From my expirience and use of technolegy with people that I have encounterd with most people would rather text then text then to have an over the phone conversation. Now my persenal opinion on the fact that people would rather text is that a phone conversation is highly similar to a face to face conversation with a much faster paste then a text conversation. Im not sayin that people like slower comunication with one an other Im sayin that in a cell phone conversation and a face to face conversation something unintentionlly could or may be said that could lead to multipley missed comunication or disagrements of any sort. Now the way texting helps that situation is by giving you the ability to know what your going to say before you actually say or give you the time to think of what you should say in a certant conversation, this cannot be done in a cell phone conversation or a face to face conversation because in you dont have that ability to take sometime and think about what your goin to say to what the person your conversating to, I mean you could and it can make the conversation awkard, and thats something most people do not like to be in and thats in a awkard position or situation, now text conversation can avoid that to a high degree depending on the situation or in un ordanary situation becouse its never happend to me and I want to belive that it has not happend to anyone that I know because im not sure. I want to say im not a big technolegy fan but i do use it every day and not just by me but pretty much evry one else for instance i dont like texting I persenoly would rather talk on the phone to get straight to the point but im not going to lie and say I dont like the ability that texting has givin because I have. The fact that i can recive a text in the middle of class in a place that im not allowed to pick up phone calls and finding out that my friend just lost a bet and has to shave his head bold while not being no where near were he is and knowing whats goin just by looking at my phone is very usefull. I the artticle “Saving the lost Art of Conversation”  it talks about how small children in their strollersare playing with ipads insteed of playing and action figure or toy is showing us that technolegy is a really big part of are everyday lives weather its a good thing or bad thing

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