The Flight From Conversation

This article is talking about today, technology world that, changing our communications life from having real conversation to having only connection to one another by texting on your device or, even by Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. This article shown that having Face – To – Face conversation to one another is very important. Because we all have feeling. Not just the words that we can communicated. Also, we can communicated by feeling.

I agree with the author that having real coversation is better than texting and posting on Facebook or Twitter. I myself used to playing and posting on Facebook at least half to one hour everyday. But now, I quitted using it. Because I thought that, I was wasting my time for nothing. For now, I would rather using that time for playing Facebook to go to a gym or go to meet some of my friends. Also, it is always annoying me,when I was talking with someone but, he/she was texting and using his/her devices at that time. However, I know that, I can not say anything to them. Because everyone have their own life. For me, I prefer having Face – To – Face coversation. Because we can communicated by words and feeling at the same time.

In conclusion, I agree with the auther that “So I say, look at one another, and let’s start the conversation.” Stop using your devices. When you are with friends, family. Then, start having the coversation.

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