The flight from conversation

From what I can tell technology is impacting the way we work, speak, and live with each other. technology has come so far that our small phone devices have the power to connect and finish our homeworks through the internet. its amazing how far the world has changed from lets say 10 years ago alone. A simple hello is now exchanged through text to some while face to face is turning into a thing of the past.

Relationships are now run by technology especially text considering everything happens through it even breaking up apparently. kids are now at a young age given access to a world where anything and everything can be found if not restricted and this information can come at a price.

It is important for people to have face time not just chatting throught a virtual screen. this society is becoming technology dependent or technology desperate. more and more ways of communication and far distance connectivety is being created while face time is being ignored and forgotten.


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