Reading Responses, The Flight From Conversation, Saving The Lost Art Of Conversation.

The Fight From Conversation by Sherry Turke. Is about the way communication has changed. How ways we communicate in our everyday life is through Technology. How it can be bad and how some people feel its good. In this situation I’m on the fence about it because I can name numerous times when I wanted to have normal conversations with people, whether to get to know them or to get some sort of  information, what ever the conversation was about. I couldn’t even do that because they were distracted by their phones or the TV and they’d say to me ” No, go ahead I can still hear you. In my opinion it could bad because, a conversation consists more then pretending to listen. It means you should have eye contact and both people should be talking in ways where the conversation would continue. Whether your giving incites on something or talking about a TV show gossiping, debating. It doesn’t matter but you shouldn’t always be in your phone when trying to communicate. Now on the other hand I agree with Turke when she talks about the ” Goldilock Effect” there’s been times when I want to talk to someone, not necessarily see them but talk or text and the phone had been very handy…One time I was with family and we were experiencing what Turke called being “Alone together”. It was silent no one was talking. We were all in our own world. Then the funniest thing happened,me and my brother were both on Facebook on our own devices sitting in the same room then he messages me asking me to turn the channel because I was closer to the remote. Then I realized, Communication was fading.

Saving The Lost Art of Conversation by Megan Garber is about Sherry Turke and the way she lives her everyday life seeing families being distracted from each other because of devices. Garber talks about how Turke is a exceptionally skilled conversationalist. I like to believe that I am also a good conversationalist because when I talk to people I try to keep their attention, I create humor, lighten the mood,ask questions to get their opinion on things. That way the conversation goes both ways and I can  be a active listener plus a conversation holder. Garber also talks about Turke’s  sacred places such as “The dinner Table” where its intimate time with family phones are away and conversations are going. Garber also mentions how Turke says she often eavesdropped on conversation…. I’d think she did only because they’re so rare.I do Agree with Garber and Turke phones are great good for communicating from a distance like if your in California and I’m in N.Y. but there are times when family time should be family time or when friends are together they should entertain each other. Its just the right thing to do. Especially if your I a meeting or in class or in a group discussion. Its very rude to ignore your family or friends when they’re trying to take time out to have a social relationship with you.


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