Hi,Im Mylisyaa

Ok, So I’m 18.I want to be a Fashion editor. I love to write. English is my favorite subject. I love fashion, fashion of every kind. I must move to Paris, vacation in the Bahamas and have a beach house in Miami and a Penthouse in Cali..Its a must..My favorite color is Pink. I’m Awesome. I also Love to dance. Every kind of Dance I love the Art of it. I Also like Drama as in script less improv. I use to consider myself more of a performer than a Fashion Writer I suppose a little apart of me still does but I’m finding ways to infuse them both into one so  it works out for me. Live Laugh Love and Dream….. Peace Faith Love and Hope…. My motivation,and That’s just a small part of me you need to know.

2 thoughts on “Hi,Im Mylisyaa

  1. From this post, you seem like you have big dreams, and a lot of energy to achieve them … and I know from seeing you in class that you definitely do love pink 🙂

    I hope that you’re enjoying the course so far Mylisyaa!

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