Good or bad about Technology

The article “The Flight From Conversation” and “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” is about the technology alter our lives in many ways, such as texting someone just clicks on the screen.  It is convenient for us. However, it occupy most of the time in our lives. The people are spend excessive time and concentrated on their cell phones or browsing on the internet. In my opinion, I think the technology has positive way and negative way. A good way obviously is convenient for us to communicate with each other. Another one advantage is enriched all our lives, like listening music, playing games, watching movies on the spare time. On the other hand, technology can cause person unhealthy if he/she put a lot of attention on it. An Example of this like my brother, he played games on the cell phone in a whole summer break time and cause he got cervical spondylosis and he needs surgery to fix his neck, a poor guy. So, what I think is every things that have two side, depends on how do you to handle it.


In these readings “The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle and “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” by Megan Garber, are both saying that the technology is changing our conversational habit with each other. The expert Turkle has researched the folk’s relationship with technology for many years. Nowadays, the people are familiar to use cellphone or other social network to communicate with each other, instead to have face to face conversations. The author Turkle says, people are head’s down look at their devices, typing, texting or e-mailing no matter is at home, workplace or some places else. They only focus on now technology conversations instead of the normal conversations.

I am personal that says I am not totally agreed with the Trtkle ideas, yet some of them. Tukles says “At home, families sit together, texting and reading e-mail.” This is so odd situation, but it happens in this day. I don’t like that if everyone sits together having dinner and they just being alone together. It’s not a time that everybody holds on the cellphone texting, checking e-mail. We supposed to have conversations with families’ members, concentrated with parents or kids. This is essential respect that we must teach the young kids. I suggested that if anyone has this same kind of issue, you have to get rid of it. On the other hand, i think the cellphone conversations are good though. Beside that technology provides us very convenient and easy to connect the person that you want to speak. No matter how far it is, just click the numbers on the cellphone that who you want to talk with. Although, the author claims that the conversations is supposed to be face to face, not technical communication, but the question is can we really do that? An example of this, in my own experience, I am from south of China. It’s around 12230 kilometers away from New York.  I have many my friends in China and I do miss them a lot. However, I often use the technology contact with them and its fast way to communicated. On the other way, I can buy a ticket and fly back to my hometown to see them and have conversations. I hope I can do that, but I just can’t afford it and don’t have that must time. What I am trying to say that is the technology conversation also brings us benefits, quick and simple way to connect with each other. In the same way, if I would like to have conversation with my professor, I need to use technology conversation contact him/her and make an appointment first.

 To sum up, I neither on technical conversation side nor the other because I think everything has both sides and depends how we treat on it. If we can learn the fine points from the both sides, conversation and technology conversation, then should be perfect.    

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