There is still hope for having a normal conversation!

This article is about how everyone uses their technology,such as phones, everyday to get passed by a day. Sherry Turkle explaines and shows how these devices are used every day in many different ways but how theres still hope on being able to carry a normal face to face conversation. The articlea focous is on Sherry Turkle as she eavesdrops on the conversations that are around her. Sherry walks around and enjoys her day as a normal human would,except she doesnt rely on her phone and and doesnt let her get in the way of having a well conversation or introuding her personal life.

Throughout the article she gives examples and thoughts on what she thinks about the use of these devices. I think being able to use these devices is an advantage for many things such as work,school,and even entertainment. But at a point needing it to speak to or rely on comfort or have a conversation withsome, is at an extent to which now it is introuding your healthy life style. I believe that as we move along the evolution of life and as we get bigger and greater things, its a complete amusment to see how much has been accomplished. But sometimes it creates so much trouble to see and realize its taking over other things and its taking over our lives! Like stated in the article, apple products are so important and common and popular in our society and everyday you see someone speaking to “siri” on there way to work,school or even in the process of doing things. Not only do these producta provide ¬†comfort and entertainment and alot of help but as well as a distraction. Sometimes conversations may be dull and not fun but theres always nice about them and i think that being able to speak to another human verbally is a gift we have and we should be able to use it correctly,appropriate and as much as we can! I mean,who doesnt like to talk?…everyone does! Todays devices have all types of apps and programs we can use to help us throughout our day. Our devices distract us so much that sometimes we dont see the real beauty of things such as nature,food,our partner and even the moment we are in.Sherry states in the article that doesnt stand the fact that sometimes family dont talk to eachother,or mothers not speaking to their children while the park ¬†because they are too busy texting!. Its upsetting to see how much its over coming us nd how its controling our way of being and acting. I think its dangerous and unhealthy for the brain but it has its advantages as well (which we should take advantage of.) Right now im doing this through my phone,and its a great way to multi task and save time..but i get so into it that sometimes i dont realize im crossing the street. More then one person is at high risk of getying hurt or killed just because they are distracted by their phone..i sometimes ask myself if its worth it. Do you think it is?

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