The flight from conversation, saving the lost art of conversation.

In the articles, “The flight from conversation “by Sherry Turkle. Sherry argues that mere connection is bad because its making us lose connection with people around us, conversation is more important but we barely have conversation, we are too busy with the devices we have in our hands. Mere connection is also bad because it changes what we do and how we really are. sherry says ” a 16 years-old boy who relies on texting for almost everything says almost wistfully, “someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation.” that’s one prove that mere connection is bad because its taking out new generation away from the real world. I agree with the author the only social network I have is the email and I only us it for school or work. I feel like a lot of people are wasting their time in others peoples business and what’s ironic is almost half of these people they don’t know and never meet, this is the real loneliness people use social media more than they have an actual conversation; media has taking a huge part of our lives. It’s sad how some people feel like having a conversation with people around them is interrupting. Technology is very powerful it makes our lives easier but the way people use it can change not only what we do but also who they are.  This really caught my attention. I wonder how life would be in thirty years. Technology is taking our freedom of feeling one another people could be at the same room same place for a long time they barely notes each other.

In the article “saving the lost art of conversation”. Megan Garber says  that’s Sherry also used this technology and she works with robots and sherry is not boring but she is an exceptionally skilled conversationalist.“ I can’t, in restaurants, not watch families not talking to each other” everywhere you go you see people so hooked up to their phones. Turtle says “we talk to each other all the time but we are talking at each other rather than each other. People are so in to social media focusing on. In my opinion having face to face conversation is very different it’s being yourself , some people could be so different we u text them and when u meet them personally. I feel like social network takes us from the real world. Social media ask what’s on your mind put the question is do most people say what’s really on their mind big chance if not, sherry says.  I strongly agree with her most people live a lie they try to please people. Even sitting in the dinner table with the family isn’t the same anymore each one is busy with their phones and technology. This social media is making us want more from our salves drawing a fake picture of who we really are. I feel like we are really losing something so important that most of us don’t even realize which is conversation that’s why Sherry is wring books and articles because it’s really important to her and she wants people to realize what they have giving up and how important it is.

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