HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I’m Salvador i really don’t want to be introducing myself because this is really awkward but i’m trying to get a good grade so here it goes……My major at City Tech is undecided because i want my GPA to be a 3.0 for i can transfer to the school i really want to go to which is Fashion Institute Of technology. I want to be in fashion marketing business because i want to be dealing with the trading and buying of materials in the fashion industry. My favorite type of music is indie. My favorite artist is LANA DEL REY, her music really speaks to me which i can relate to.


Im taking this course because its a requirement for my “major”.  My exceptions on this course is for me to do all my work and get a good grade.  We’ll be getting to talk about technology that effects our life’s so I’m trying to get the most out of it but technology ruins in life in reality. Everyone uses technology for something if its for Instagram,twitter, or Facebook, even to just check the weather. I don’t dislike reading but it is a little torturous with all the words that gets my head to hurt from each little detail that gets registered into my brain. My strengths in writing is i have to be very into what I’m writing about because if I’m not into it my work is going to look very poor. i’m not familiar with science fiction or utopias so i’m very curious to know what that is.

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  1. Hi Salvador: welcome to the class (and I’m glad you finally made it onto the right OpenLab site)!

    That’s wonderful that you want to go into the fashion industry and hopefully pursue a degree at FIT. And I’m not familiar with Lana del Rey, but I’m going to check out her music.

    Just a friendly reminder that, if you feel comfortable, you should include a photo of yourself in this Introductory post so that I and your classmates can start to put faces to names and get to know one another better. You can just go back and edit this post and add your photo to it.

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