Hey whats up my name is Christopher Mendoza I am 18 years old and I graduated from Francis Lewis High School. I was born in Jamaica Hospital on September, 7, 1995 and lived in Jamaica Queens until about Middle school I then moved to Fresh Meadows and currently reside there. I have lived in Queens all my life and I probably wont move for a while. Both my parents are from Salvador, La Union to be more precise. I haven’t been there since the summer of 07. I am an only child sadly so I ┬ádidn’t learn to share until later in life and I am currently Majoring in Electrical Mechanical Engineering technology.

A few things that come to my head when describing myself is Martial Arts I have watched and practiced martial arts specifically Karate since June 2004. I have been to several competitions and have done demonstrations before. I recently took a leave though because of some personal problems. In the future I hope to practice boxing, judo, mma etc.

My future goals include continuing my education and getting farther in life to eventually find a job that I not only enjoy, but that also pays good. Life at City Tech is pretty good its an ok school with a wide variety of things to do. In my spare time I enjoy to watch movies on Netflix surf the web hang out with some friends and I have recently become a Christian which has opened many doors in my life I never thought possible, I wont get to into it for now…

Favorite foods include pizza, Hamburgers, Chocolate, a bunch of Spanish foods and some healthy food here and there. My favorite Movie/TV Genre includes Action, Thriller, Sci-fi, and comedy. Shows that I am currently watching include the Sons of Anarchy, Futurama, Cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo and the list goes on. During High school I did read a lot of manga, but now its barely to none.

My High school life I would describe as OK I didn’t do anything to spectacular, but it wasn’t boring either. I was mostly in the middle I wasn’t to popular, but I wasn’t a nerd either. I had a bunch of friends on both sides of the social hierarchy, but then again the high school cliques that you see in the movies and maybe in other high schools was something that could not be found in that diverse and packed school. I graduated with a pretty decent average mostly because I started out weak as a Freshman.

Hopefully this intro got you 1% percent closer to knowing me as a person the rest well you would have to buy me dinner and a movie…joking. I hope you enjoyed this intro hopefully it was enough and I hope to write more in the future on matters concerning my life and on how the people around me react to my quiet attitude in class.



5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hey Christopher, I really enjoyed reading this “1%” of your life and I honestly cannot imagine you very quiet. I hope to meet you sometime one on one and have a good long chat! I’m the same age as you and seriously need a life….jk….sorta.

  2. Hi Christopher: welcome to the class!

    Thank you for the interesting/informative Introduction … like your classmates, I feel like we learned a lot about you and your personality from it!

    Just a friendly reminder that, if you feel comfortable, you should include a photo of yourself in this Introductory post so that I and your classmates can start to put faces to names and get to know one another better. You can just go back and edit this post and add your photo to it.

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