Introducing Zishan

Me and my 2 day old nephew Rehan. He's just the most adorable baby every and the joy of becoming an uncle is immense!

Me and my 2 day old nephew Rehan. He’s just the most adorable baby every and the joy of becoming an uncle is immense!

Hi there, my name is Zishan Shahid (Zee-shawn) and this is my first semester at City Tech. I’m eighteen years old and was born in the summer of ’95 in Queens, New York, where I’ve been raised till this day. My parents immigrated here from Pakistan and gave birth to four other brilliant children like me. I¬†am the second youngest of the¬†three brothers and two sisters,¬†and I wish I was the youngest… I currently live in Jamaica Queens with my whole family and take the train to school everyday.¬†I¬†am currently ¬†majoring in Mechanical Engineering¬†Technology, however, I never thought I’d go into this field. During highschool, I really enjoyed my chemistry class and wanted to major in that field, but given that City Tech didn’t have¬†a major in that field, I chose mechanical engineering instead, given that my dad always told me he wanted me to become an engineer. Other then that, I was contemplating joining the Air Force for quite a while and that idea is still in my mind. My dream job, however, is to become a street racer. I’ve always loved driving cars since I learned how to drive at the age of ten on a visit to Pakistan. Driving is my passion and I’d like to say I’m rather good at it (better than the majority). Besides that, I’m not a real sports guy. The Super Bowl was yesterday and I didn’t even watch that so yeah, you get the picture. The only sport I play frequently is billiards. I go every other day with my friends to shoot some 8-ball pool. I also enjoy basketball and soccer even though I barely ever get the chance to play those sports. I am a big video game fan and currently play on my PlayStation 3. I’ve always loved video games since I was a kid, first the PlayStation 1, then the second and now the third. The PS4 has also been released but given all my friends have a PS3, I don’t need to buy the PS4 just yet. Um… what else… oh yeah, I graduated as the class of 2013 from a highschool¬†in Manhattan called East Side Community H.S. My highschool life was very dull and wild. Till this day I don’t understand how I graduated. It must be the work of my teachers because my incompetent working standard would never have gotten me to graduation. I would cut class as occasionally as I would go to them. I thought of school as a joke, and really it was, or else I wouldn’t be sitting here doing homework for college. I say it was wild because I was always doing the craziest things with my friends; cutting class, sneaking out my mom’s minivan without a driving license, and going for a cruise way over the speed limit on the highway. Now that I reflect back on those days, I’m surprised to even be alive and not crippled. However, all that is behind me now, I’ve dedicated myself to becoming a more responsible student and person. I’m eighteen and the time to slack and mess around is over. College isn’t a joke like highschool and if I treat it as such, then the joke will be on me. I look forward to this English class, minus all the writing we’re going to be required to do. Thanks for reading and now you know a fraction of who I am. =)

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  1. Hey Zishan, you sound fun to be around. Hopefully college goes well for you cause you know the saying, “its hard to break old habits.” Oh and glad you’re not crippled ^^

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