Hi I’m Mildred!!!

This is me~

This is me~

Hello my name is Mildred Merino and I am a very friendly person. I am Mexican but born and raised in the U.S. I’ve never actually visited Mexico before and its been a lifelong dream to pay a visit to all the family I have there. I am the oldest of five in my family and as the oldest I’m expected to be a role model. It’s indeed difficult, but I manage. I have little hobbies from which are just doing art and being active; playing sports is one of my passions. I absolutely enjoy playing sports, I became active from the fourth grade wasn’t very exceptional; however, I continued playing because I’m not useless. Unfortunately, one day to a doctor’s visit, I was making weird noises as I breathed and she said that I have asthma. This was back in 11th grade, I remember crying silently that night. It was very devastating to me, but I decided that my asthma wasn’t going to stop me and interfere with what I love to do. In high school I joined the softball team and soccer team. My soccer team was made up of mostly guys, I played as defender and goalie. Girls didn’t want to join apparently because they were afraid of the ball. Being the only girl there, I wasn’t afraid because I am pretty big in size and barely no one can knock or push me down. They named me “The Brick Wall.”32353_588119571201178_1996017798_nIt was so much fun to be a part of the team. We are undefeated champs of four seasons. My major at City Tech is Chemical Technician, in the long run I want to be a pharmacist. Over the summer, I didn’t do much except catch up on my shows that I missed. I forgot to mention that I Iove anime; by shows, I meant anime series.

As a writer, I believe my weakness is the very famous horrible chronic disease(sarcasm) writer’s block, it kills me! My strengths in writing would probably be pretty good grammer and topic ideas. What I enjoy most about writing is that I am able to reflect my thoughts in my own words without anyone having to tell me to change my opinions. What I dislike about writing is that it takes me a really really really long time to start the intro or the first sentence. My background using technology isn’t so bad, I first touched a computer back in 6th grade. My personal thoughts on digital identity is basically that everyone’s is different. I don’t have much to say about this. I’m honestly not sure what to hope for in this course, hopefully it turns out positive.

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  1. Hi Mildred: welcome to the class!

    Wow … undefeated for four seasons … that’s pretty impressive! Are you going to continue to play soccer throughout college (outside of school)?

    Just a friendly reminder that, if you feel comfortable, you should include a photo of yourself in this Introductory post so that I and your classmates can start to put faces to names and get to know one another better. You can just go back and edit this post and add your photo to it.

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