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My name is Mohamed Barrie; I preferred to be called by my last name “Barrie”. I was born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa. As a human, I have my ups and downs. I‘m open minded, trustworthy, reliable and persevered. Coming from a large family has thought me the qualities to listen and accept the opinion of others, humbleness and helping the needy and poor. Like most countries in Africa, my country is rich in minerals but most of it populace live in abject poverty which could be traced to bad governance and rampant corruption.  Unlike the good qualities, it’s hard for anyone to point out his downside. In my case, the visible ones are; lack of confident in public speaking, talking to strangers and too much emphasis on one thing.

I migrated to the US in 2012, since then I have being living in the Bronx. In New York, I love the environment, the people and the variety of food sold in every corner of the city.

My academic journey started back home where I did my elementary, High School and some aspect of my undergraduate program. I’m ComTia A+ certified technician from PerScholas Institute of Technology with some experience in computer networks, repairs and maintenance of hardware and software.

I am majoring in Biomedical Informatics as my passion is to work in the healthcare field with emphasis in database management or software development. With such a passion, City Tech was my first choice due to the unique program it offers within CUNY. I’m in the second semester slowly achieving my dream career with the superb help of the professors that are always available to help students in areas of difficulties backed by open minded and friendly students that will never hesitate to give their helping hands when requested. Whiles in school, I spent most of my time in the library. On Thursdays between the hours of 12:30 to 2:15, I enjoy the social activities students display. Amazingly, I have seen great talents among the various social clubs within campus. I have being meeting and talking to handful of them but yet still I’m not an active member of any. One thing I shouldn’t forget to measure as a lover of food, catch me at the canteen between 11:30 to 12:00 where I always service my stomach with the delicious and varieties on their daily menu.

My hubbies are numerous and sometimes I had to make a scale of preference to prioritize the most important ones base on the prevailing circumstance at a particular given moment. Currently, reading tops the list followed by surfing the web, listening to music, making new friends and going to the theater. I seldom go to night clubs neither do I smoke or drink but I love dancing especially when I go to parties.

In terms of social media such as facebook, tweeter, instagram, and whatsapp, I spend about 30 minutes every day chatting, reading and commenting on posts of different subjects. I look forward to make new friends in my entire stay at City College.

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