Hi there, my name is Pattisorn Rojanadit, or you can call me Pat. I was born here in the US but raised up in Thailand. I have one younger sister, but she lives in Thailand with my family. I’m from the middle part of Thailand that close to Bangkok(The capital of Thailand). I have been living in New York for one and half years. Now, I am living with my roommate in the lower east side of Manhattan. I like to go to a gym to workout(running and lifting weights), at least three times a week. Also, I like to watching the movies and listening to music. Farther more, I work part time as a server at a Thai restaurant on the weekend. This is my second semesters at City tech, and my major is Electrical Engineering.


A little bit before I moved to NY, I have lived in Portland, OR(The City of Roses) for one year. It is located in west side of the US. This city calls the city of roses because it has a rose garden that located in the downtown of Portland. Also, they will have Rose Festival every year. This city having a lot of rain all year round, that is why they have a lot of roses and greenness. I love this city because it has a lot of tree. This city is a small city but have very good transportation. You can go every where without having a car. I have studied ESL(English as a Second Language) at Portland Community College for two semesters. At first, I have a plan to study Electrical Engineering at Portland State University but I was changing my mind, cause one of my friend that live in NY, invited me to come to live with him in NY. So, I decided to come to NY, and I have been living in NY until now.

My goal in my life is to be an Electrical Engineering because I just found out that, these are my favorite subjects. Also, if I have a chance to study for Master and Doctoral, I will do it.

My purpose in this course is to improved my English skill. I having a lot of problems with English because it is not my native language. Honestly, I do not like English however, I will try my best to study English. I hope this course will helping me with the writing, reading, speaking and even vocabulary.

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