Face to face

This article is about how quickly technology is evolving into society and personal use. The article explains how now a days people dont have the courage to speak to one another face to face but how they use their technology such as phones to go to when they want to speak to someone or just express themselves Or look for comfort. People rely on social media and social networking to help them with their problems,concerns or the way they are feeling. The article also briefly speaks about how this evolution is slowly creeping up on society and life itself.

I think the idea of people using facebook,twitter or other social websites on which they ask the user “whats on you’r mind?” ¬†Is a way people express or or share their thoughts and feelings,but i think some people should take advantage and use it as a way to actually self reflect on whats going on. ¬†Throughout thevarticle i realized its focous is on social media and how its affecting us,but also speaks about multi tasking and photoshop. In the beginning it speaks about how children think its important to make eye contact with someone while texting another. The phones we carry change everything a person has such as how they act and what they do or even how their response is. Photoshop is something alot of people rely on, such as in magazines and videos. The article states “Texting and e-mail and posting let us present the self we want to be. This means we can edit.And if we wish to,we can delete. Or retouch: the voice,the flesh,the flesh,the face,the body. Not too much,not too little – just right.” This shows how everyone and everything relys on technology. Today we use technology to define us by what we post or share online. The article explains how a while ago people would be able to carry a conversation. While now people look down and conversate without looking face to face or even looking at the other person. Being able to speak to another person face to face is important because learning on how to properly orally speak in a well mannerd way is something you will use for the rest of your life and a quality youll need for many things. Aside from needing it because its something you use everyday to communicate with others,you will like it and see that its a way to show compassion and comfort. What if a married couple who has been married for a while now only used their devices and never actually spoke alot? This will lead not only to loneliness but also to no comfort whats so ever,it would be as if living with a complete stranger or an emotionless partner. Regardless of how important you think it is,it can always wait because speaking face to face can show and mean alot based on the way you act.

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