Introduction: Kimberly

My best friend and I. ☺️

My best friend and I. ☺️

Hi! My name is Kimberly and im colombian. I was born here but raised in colombia. I went to school there and was raised on a farm in a very small town in medellin. My major is architecture. I decited to major in architecture because as a little girl i grew up in a very destructive,not well done house. The way the house was made really made no sense so i always grew up wanting to arrange the house the way i thought made sense, and the way i thought it was supposed to be made. I now live in Queens, NY and live with both my parents and sibiling. I graduated from aviation high school. I worked on airplanes for a while and i played volleyball for 4 years. I enlisted into the marine corps and couldnt leave to bootcamp because i suffered a heart stroke so i decited to come to college, and Im now currently waiting to get healthy again to enlist in the military once again. I sit back to think of my life and i get amazed to see how many things iv gone through and been able to accomplish. Im not the healthiest person but im the happiest person in the world. Iv done many charity work,i take cloths and toys once in a while to charity. Ive donemany fundraisers for ill children..i have a huge huge huge heart and im the most sweetest person ever. Im engaged and i couldnt be happier. Michael Castro owns my heart and i couldnt be happier. I have a very big affection for animals and i love being able to help and care for them. I always thought and knew that affection and care was one thing everyone in the world needed. I dream to one day be able to built my own home for my big family and built a zoo in my back yard.

Some goals i have in life are to built many homes for families that need it,to built big schools for children who arent provided with that in life,and to built buildings that are mind blowing to the world. I sometimes cant sleep thinking about my future that awaits me. I get overwhelemed and scared at times but know that ill be able to over come it like almost everyone in the world has been able to.  I hope to close many chapters in my life and hope to open more then i thought and expected to. I feel like this english class will help me express my self in writing better and help me have a better understanding of things.


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  1. I love the way your dream to become an architect is informed by your past (your house back in Colombia), and your intertwined goal of building/helping people is very admirable. I hope that you’re enjoying the course so far … we’re glad to have you with us this semester 🙂

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