The Evelution of Conversations

Now-a-days most conversations are happening without even talking; Technology has taken over one of our senses which we do much less of. Learning how to communicate properly is a necessity and plays a big role in society and its viral for excelling in life, According to the interview Megan Garber has with Sherry Turkle in “Saving the lost art of Conversation”. Mrs. Turkle is a psychologist and her academic interest lies with the relationship between humans and machines. From a professional stand point she observes her surroundings as she currently works on her new book “Reclaiming Conversations” and try’s to decipher peoples situations through their body language, mannerisms, and conversations known as ethnography. Sadly she has seen some disrupting things as technology grows rapidly, mothers in the street texting while pushing the children, families not sharing more than a couple of words in a restaurant, and best of all people having conversations solely about new gadgets and not one bit about anything personal… Personal I think technology is headed for the worst, maybe your saying to yourself how did I figure that out, well as it keeps evolving so do we as humans. feeling the Demand to learn new systems by all the advertisements and word of mouth that’s going around to better perform at school, work, and home you Might as well say life in general won’t be easy unless you keep up with technology, but this world isn’t caring about how it’s affecting humanity. Let all put down the phones, tablets, and laptops for a moment to realize what’s really going on in today’s world and figure out some type of conclusion to this madness. These are some tips to help prevent your child/teen from abusing texting.
– Encourage your child not to text in front of a group or a person. Instead they should socialize only and text on their own personal time.
– If your child in school gets into trouble for texting, punish them. Have their punishment extended for every time they get in trouble. Making them pay small amounts of money to you may help and remind your child not to do it again.   Yes, I personally use technology such as the iPhone, and laptops do to more simplistic values it has to offer, that’s why I limit my time for recreational use to 1 hour a day. There’s no more value in communication lets open our eyes be proactive, and not reactive. Lets put our phones down and converse in person instead of using Technology to fulfill  our “talkative” needs.  

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