Introducing Luciano

Hey there :mrgreen:  the name’s Luciano I come from a half Italian, half Puerto Rican back ground with very deep roots. I am a ambitious, optimistic, Respectful individual. I have a fraternal twin who name is Christopher currently serving for the US ARMY in Germany, and an older brother named Raffaele who study’s Archeology in Florida. I’m currently spoken for by my beautiful girl friend Melanie which I spend most of my free time Adventuring around NY with her and couldn’t ask for more. With me moving back up to NY two years ago after previously spending 9 well spent years in Florida, I decided to move back up. Me bring the crazy child, desired the free spirited world and all it has to offer so I decided to waste no time after Graduating high school in 2012 to begin my journey in life. I Started working in the Restaurant industry since it was relevant to my soon to be major, and I quickly realized Degree first than carrier so I Left my management position at my god fathers Restaurant in Harlem to make my abrupt decision to sign up for fall semester. I am currently living in Ridgewood which is on the boarder of Queens and Brooklyn with my Grandparents, and It’s not easy l can say that much. Writing helps me release the words I don’t get the pleasure of saying.  I consider myself a strong writer depending on my mood which is my weakness because certain days I feel less creative than others. I enjoy the freedom that comes with writing because there is no right or wrong topic, and I love elaborating on a subjects I find interesting. A few personal Hobbies I enjoy doing is dancing to Spanish music, cooking, watersports, and Camping. I also became an Eagle scout in 2012 for the 100th year anniversary of Boy Scouts of America which explains the camping. I try not to let New York’s environment suppress my scouting values, since most tend to let New York’s way of life change them. My background in using technology is vast. I have used laptops, iPhones, tablets etc.. I have Instagram and Facebook as social media outlets and I think they can benefit for communicating with others and accessibility to get collage work done but it’s also most peoples down fall because it becomes there life, Along with there being some concerns of privacy issues with government assess and all. Referring to feather questions, I’m hoping to become a stronger speller since that’s always been my weak spot even though my vocabulary seems up to par, but also looking forward to expanding it .



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  1. Hi Luciano: thanks for this introduction and welcome to the class!

    That’s wonderful that you decided to prioritize your degree, so that you can have a rewarding career going forward. But I bet you’re missing that Florida weather right about now, with all of this snow! 🙂

    Just a friendly reminder that, if you feel comfortable, you should include a photo of yourself in this Introductory post so that I and your classmates can start to put faces to names and get to know one another better. You can just go back and edit this post and add your photo to it.

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