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Logan Aloise

REVISED Research Essay

Prof. Jill Belli

October 19, 2022

How will electric cars affect and benefit the future of the world? I’m interested in this question because I would like to know more about how the future of driving and commuting with electric vehicles may benefit or harm our daily lives. I like to drive cars and I enjoy hearing the sounds of the engine; by trying to make electric vehicles mandatory there will not be that thrill of hearing engines at least for fast cars. They are trying to have modified sounds to help counter this, but it is just not the same with the smell and power behind the wheel.

Electric cars are much faster at accelerating, but they lack a high-top speed. While doing my research I feel that I will find a lot of different sides and opinions on these new fancy futuristic cars. I also think I will find information on gas prices and paying for fuel having a more economic cost, but I personally believe that it will be much more negative for electric cars because to charge your car it can take hours depending on how strong the chargers are, how many people are using them, as well as the location and logistically getting to a charger before the battery dies out.

Gas takes approximately two minutes to fully fill up a car and keeps the line moving smoothly. Imagine having to wait hours just to charge your car and while it is charging what are you supposed to do in the meantime? It will waste so much valuable time. Another reason is they promote the idea to charge your vehicle over night at home in your garage, but not everyone has a garage. Most people just park on the street. Is everyone supposed to just have extension cords lying all around the streets and sidewalks? What will people do with all their gas-powered vehicles as they are trying to make it mandatory? There will be so many cars that still work that people will be forced to switch into electric, and it will take so many years just to get rid of these cars.

I also heard that just to make batteries for these electric cars is more harmful for the environment than gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. If fact, lithium-ion batteries burn hotter and faster so a fire can occur. Due to this, it requires far more water and time to reach final extinguishment. The batteries can also reignite hours or even days after the fire is controlled leaving salvage yards, repair shops, houses, and people at risk. We are seeing this happening with waterlogged vehicles that were damaged in Florida from Hurricane Ian. They can be a ticking time bomb that can ignite whenever.

In conclusion, I will research and debate the pros and cons of these vehicles. I will not throw all my research away I will just take it as a lesson and new information that I retained. I will write about everything both what the research says and what I personally believe is right. I will challenge myself because it makes it more interesting, and I get to learn more about this topic as well as help others on understanding the positives and negatives of electric powered vehicles versus gas powered.

Curiosity kept the cat alive

I have been a curious lad as far as I can remember, always asking questions and trying to learn about things. I wanted to know about everything I laid eyes and ears on. How the world works? Why things happen? Why things don’t happen? Why are you reading this? I’ve always had a lot of questions even if I didn’t always get answers. I would sometimes annoy people as well with my need to know things. Science, art and technology fascinated me but I wasn’t only limited to generalised topics. I’ve spent a good part of my life gathering knowledge. Almost everything and anything can interest me. You could even say I am curious about curiosity itself. Morbidly curious, I believe it is the word. Thats what curiousity has always been for me. It has taken me to places I never thought existed and made me see things I would never have thought possible.

But if I did have to say there is something I have always been interested in it would be video games. As a kid, sitting on my father’s lap watching him play games like Mario and Space Invader amused me more than anything else. I played a lot of double player video games with my younger brother as well. I was always player one of course. The kids in the neighbourhood would also come over to play since I was one of the very few people with a PC in the early 2000s. In an age where the internet was not as prevailent, what ever games I had I would play them until I knew them like the back of my hand. It really fascinated me and I wanted to make it my whole life. The intricacies that go into making a video game is still something I believe cannot be achieved by any other form of media. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of friends who were interested in games as well. Discussing with them definitely strenghtened my interest in video games. We would ask questions about difficult sections of games little known facts and sometimes argue over our preferences and the best methods of approach, listening and discussing strategies then going back home to try them out myself. We would even discuss about the meaning and philosophy behind the stories in video games. I couldn’t possibly describe everything we talked about but I loved these discussions. It fueled my passion and I always wanted to know more.

While the sentiments may not have been exactly the same as they were in America, video games were blamed for a lot of things that went wrong in my country as well. Educational system did not affect my interest much but if anything gaming was not encouraged in regards to education. My parents have always blamed video games whenever my grades were not satisfactory. Even if I got hurt or there was an accident video games would take the blame. There have been times when my father would set no gaming as a condition if I wanted anything from him. It was very much an interested sustained in spite of the odds. The only reason I am still interested in video games and probably because of the friends I had and how good I am at gaming. Knowing myself this is probably an interest I will take to my grave and I hope it is something worth while.

what is spiritual matter ?

My old title was how does curiosity affect me and My new title is what is spiritual matter? My rationale for changing is because my old title was basic and I needed a stronger title that can fit This title is more better because its very different from all my other post.

Growing up as a kid dealing with curiosity I was very skeptical in my learning environment I wasn’t really developed to learn something that actually interested me in terms of the new learning environment I was thought in school.

So I started to ask myself random questions that I never knew the answers to until I started to do research myself and figured out the best ways to achieve my learning ability and experience and make it something that resembles who I was as a person in terms of my education and I found my passion with observing the world as the climate changes and how its made me realize how fast the world has changed from what it used to be till now at that moment I realized I was capable and I knew what my strengths of interest was not being able to give up on what I had a passion for and that was my learning and what I was able to become interested in something I can share with others who possible wouldn’t know how learning can be hard as soon as it reaches your mind but once you find inner peace and do research for yourself everything seems like it makes sense in a way.

I became a thoughtful person and knew what my ideas value in terms of how I approached my goals and overcome my fears in a way.

curiosity wasn’t stopping me from achieving my goals it was more so the time I desired to put into my thoughts to overcome that phase in that specific time frame overall I felt successful for myself and I achieved more than I can ever imagine.

I was a very capable and smart person I just choose my options wisely before I start something more creative with my own mindset.

A Look At Curiosity

Curiosity is definitely something that changed over the course of my life. As a kid, I was often curious about everything, especially animals and science. Now, not so much. I remember that as a kid, I was often curious about the concept of life and how it’s changed so much over time. In middle school, I stayed in the science room as a monitor every lunch and took care of fish and watched them lay eggs, hatch, and repeat the process. I was amazed by how the offspring would have remnants of their parents such as certain patterns and instincts. Now, I would still consider myself curious, but not to the same extent. If I saw a photo or video on social media that captured my attention, I would just acknowledge it. I would only search it up if I really couldn’t believe it. Otherwise, it didn’t really affect me and I wouldn’t care too much.

My curiosity has changed and grown over the years because I feel like that’s part of maturing as a person. You have the time and ability to be curious and wonder what a dinosaur with lasers would look like on Google, but I feel like at some point you need to grow up and I feel like I’m at that point. My curiosity usually concerns stuff like music, art, news, or current events. The education system definitely played a role too. As a kid, I was very curious. I would always ask questions and my teachers would disregard them or answer them in simplicity since I was always curious. I was even recommended to be put in a CDC class, but the doctors did not diagnose me with ADHD or ADD. I had to learn to limit my questions and curiosity and that definitely played a role in growing up. I would sometimes be intimidated to ask questions in class.

I am still interested in animals and stuff like that, but a lot less. I think it’s mainly because of maturing, but I think I have a pretty good grasp on how. It was around freshman year of high school when I had living environment as a science course. There, I learned more about living organisms, but my teacher was really boring so nobody was motivated to learn about that topic, and eventually, so was my curiosity. My new interest fell in art in all genres such as visual, fashion, and especially music. I listened to music every day and never really cared about who the artist was until I really researched them and liked their story.

Although my curiosity about different topics has definitely changed over the years, that doesn’t mean I’m not curious. I still search for things to fact-check or see if a new species are real but at one point everybody’s curiosity will change to what’s present to them. Curiosity is influenced by the environment. How can you be curious about what planets are the largest if you have no idea what the concept of space is? Your curiosity can only point you so far without a spark to ignite the flame.

School is Killing My Curiosity And My Reason Why.

Something that I was interested in not necessarily as a kid, but in middle school through high school was technology and IT such as CISCO. But as time went on, I noticed that IT and CISCO was no longer something that I found interest in as I kept learning more about it. But that did not stop me from trying to find a spark to reignite my passion for IT again. I asked questions to my teachers and friend who is in the IT field. But still nothing. I believe what ended up happening was I grew out of that passion, and it did not help that when I was studying IT in High School the teacher, I had for 3 years was very difficult to work with. This teacher was very difficult to work with, so he did not allow many questions and only read what was on the slides. The questions we asked were answered by the assistant teacher in the same room. Sometimes the assistant teacher became the main teacher and was the reason many of us went from failing to passing the class. My fourth and final year of High School I was told that that teacher I had was no longer my IT teacher, so I thought maybe I can finally learn something from someone new. At first, it was going well, and I thought it was going to be a good final year, but after a couple of weeks I noticed that my teacher was doing the same thing, reading from the slides and questions that we had were not answered to the best of his ability. We had to teach ourselves. So, after a long year and much thinking, I came to the realization that maybe it’s time to think about something else as a career, so I decided to try something in the medical field. Main reason being it’s something I deal with every day, and I have been a patient myself for a long time and I think I can bring my personal experience to help and assist with other patients.

What makes me curious

As a kid what has sparked my interest the most was cooking. I was very interested in culinary and always love to watch my mother cook. As I grew older I learned to love the beauty of cooking and baking. so I am still very much interested in that topic! Learning how to cup comes with a lot of questions do you need to ask how much of the ingredients you need and Specific times certain foods needed to cook. I would also look up recipes online and ask my mother why we are adding certain things and mixing other things together. over the years my curiosity has grown even more and I became more passionate. I begin wanting to learn how to cook even harder meals and wanted to be criticized based on my skills. The education system did not support my desire for cooking. in school we barely learned anything About culinary arts it was just straight math, history English and science. I do not like learning about these things because it was just not in my Interest zone. my interest has been very consistent and I’m glad I now have the time to get into cooking more!

What Counts as Research??

We’re going to be talking a (whole!) lot this week / month about research. But before we get deep down in the weeds of Unit 2, let’s crowdsource our ideas/feelings/assumptions/experiences on research. So …

What does “research” mean to you?

Approach your response as you see fit, but some things you may want to consider:

  • What is research anyway?
  • Why would you want to research?
  • What counts as research?
  • When do you research in your own lives? (pro tip! it doesn’t always have to be in school!)
  • What are your feelings about research (& why)?