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Maybe you should write that down

Hey you! Remember what it was like all those months ago? Never forget those feelings and the things you promised you would do. Losing sight of what we are and what we want to be are some of the worst things we could do, and I would probably never forgive myself for it. Did pretty well for ourselves in a pretty short time, I wonder how much better or worse its gotten. What changes have been brought about to my accommodations? Not that its bad as it is right now, I actually wouldn’t mind if I continued to stay like this, but hopefully the room is a lot more practically setup.
We fret about a lot of stuff huh, most of which I guess is pretty pointless, so get some of that out of our system eh? Make sure to keep track of everything we do. Keep a log or something, that would really help. Hopefully we are more adjusted to life here. It shouldn’t really be too hard for someone like us but always got to keep your head in the game. Adjusting well to the cold I hope. Not too chilly is it? Hopefully we getting some time to play games as well, but if staying busy is more important make sure you do that. Stop all those habits that waste our time. Hopefully you’re managing your time better than I am right now.
Take care of yourself eh. No one else will be doing it for you, remember that. Make sure you stay healthy and don’t worry about the small stuff.

From yours truly.

I am Big Boss and so are you

Message to Future Zay

I hope that by the end of the semester we are passing all our classes and doing big things with our business I know starting off will be hard and concentrating will be even harder but we got this. I hope we got this Writing stuff down by the end because writing and knowing how to get your point across are important in a business


message to future tahani

Is math much easier for you? hows it going with the family situation? i hope all is well and your on the right track to graduation and still very motivated, hows shanny?! I cant wait to see you at the point where your finally all settled and genuinely happy where you are at! I hope you are so proud of how far you went and i know you kept growing!

Dear Future Self

I hope all is well for my journey throughout this semester I hope for the best I hope can be able to keep up with majority of my assignments this semester. My goal for this semester is keeping up with all these incoming assignments and pursing my best throughout this course even if its difficult I will always try and improve more on my writing skills throughout this semester. I don’t really believe in failing a semester I always recommend myself to push myself harder threw out my struggles threw out this semester I know I can do this.

Dear Future Self

Dear future (end-of-semester) self, I hope you are well and that you have started to manage your time correctly, focused more on your work, focused more on yourself, and did not give up. Although adjusting to college has been smooth so far, I bet it won’t be a steady road the entire trip and I know that anything is manageable when you put your mind to it. My goal that I hope you accomplish is to start effectively organizing your schedule, fixing your sleep, utilizing planners, or doing anything to be on time. I hope that the year has not been too rough and that exams don’t shake you too much. I know that it is manageable and I know you will be able to by the time you read this again.

I chose the cover photo of the album titled “Late Registration” by Kanye West as an image to better help understand me because this is my go-to.

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