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“Annoying Ways People Use Sources”

Everyone has there own special pet peeves, the can range from slow walkers, bugs, people chewing too loud. And everyone reacts to these triggers differently.The author discusses the problems readers may experience with particular publications. he’s begins to talk about different things writers do that us the readers can find “annoying” such as waiting too long to get to the point. personally I don’t mind I think background information is important. But many others readers dont like that. There are no established guidelines for writing but im assuming all writers are Required to get to the point right away to avoid the people with the “pet peeves”. Writing and slow walking, in my opinion, follow similar rules. Similar outcomes to, not everyone is gonna wait behind a slow walker. and not everyone is going to finish reading something that doesnt get to the point .In the article  “Annoying  Ways People Use Sources,” Stedman discussed how annoying writing habits connect to various issues. i find it very interesting that the author having a great way of connecting the outside world to writing in a very detailed way, In a way that connects well.

“Annoying Ways People Use Sources”

Logan Aloise

Professor Belli

“Annoying Ways People Use Sources”

November 9, 2022

  1. Everyone has pet peeves that people don’t like some it might be slow drivers in the fast lane or chewing your food with your mouth open or popping your fingers. People do annoying things all the time that just drive us insane. He talks about the frustrations readers may have with certain writings like fast drivers have with slow cars in front of them non letting them pass. He says that in both situations the slow driver/ sloppy writer either doesn’t know the right way to set the stage and write/ drive properly or they know and just don’t care. Writers should work on always having signals to tell their readers about their intentions just as drivers use turn signals to tell other drivers of their intentions.
  2. People a lot of the time when it comes to writing forget about a lot of the rules because there is so many kinds of writing, but a lot of the time people don’t know the rules or just don’t care and write sloppy. Writing and driving is similar how there are lots of rules and sometimes you forget them or had taught them because there are different teachers for everyone. In the essay, Annoying Ways People Use Sources, Stedman related how annoying things that people do in writing relates to different things like driving behind a slow driver in the fast lane. No one really likes a slow driver in a fast lane and sometimes people lose their temper and start yelling and waving their arms but there are at least two explanations for why some slow drivers fail to move out of the way. One is they don’t know that you are supposed to move to the right if a car wants to pass. Or the second reason is they know the rules but don’t care about annoying people or what others think

what makes sources so annoying?

According to Kyle D. Stedman on the article annoying ways people use sources I feel as that he’s trying to persuade readers about different ways of how people are using sources and receiving so much judgement towards it in a way that it becomes annoying. In regards to this Kyle D Stedman he states that ” writers can forget that their are readers are just annoyed at writing that fails to follow conventions as drivers are when stuck behind a car that fails to move over”. However I believe that being able to read and writer are two different concepts of learning I mean as a reader you have a vision of what you are reading and the knowledge behind it. In other terms as a writer I think you propose to writing with the ideas that you may have in your mind. Overall I think Stedman is trying to tell readers the difference between a reader and a writer in a way.

In addition to this Stedman has also mentioned about how people are unreasonable and picky when it comes to using their own sources, paraphrases, and quotations. The reason for this is that readers may not be able to anticipate from what those writers have wrote thats why it would be hard to understand from those readers in terms of their writing context . Furthermore, in terms of using citations as Stedman mentions ” I cite a source by hyperlinking in an academic essay, I use parenthetical citation that refers to a list of references at the end of the essay”. In reference to this I believe as writers we use citations without hyperlink by in other references we do however its a matter of where we got our information so we use hyperlinks to identify where we got our information from. Stedman also mentions that ” I strategically learn the expectations of my us academic audience, what I really want to say comes across smoothly, without little annoying blips in my readers’ experience”. Apart from this, learning your audience comes with experiencing what you actually thought yourself in terms of writing.

Don’t quote me on this

Kyle Stedman’s take on “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” is both humorous and informative, doing its best to keep the reader egaged and interested. He presents his points in a relatable fashion using examples of things or situations people might be familiar with. The “annoyances” Stedman speaks of are rules of quotation everyone should keep in mind, especially students, both familiar and unfamiliar with using quotations in writing, as they are often guilty of these. Even still, Stedman does say even the best of writers do the points he mentions but they have to be experienced enough to use these techniques effectively by first following the conventions he mentions.


the concept of ludonarrative dissonance has been increasingly misinterpreted and misused by the majority of the video gaming community. Journalist and writer Benn Dunn states in his article “…there have recently been increasingly common instances of the term being incorrectly applied to games it shouldn’t and is seemingly being used merely as a way to sound objective when negatively criticizing a particular videogame.” Using ludonarrative dissonance like this just to criticise a game someone does not like gives it a negative connotation and only serves to decrease its value causing people to not take it as seriously. This can especially be a problem if used by critics and journalists, the ones most people would rely on to get their news and understand of the subject matter. This has in fact already caused many people to dismiss the term entirely, viewing the term itself as a joke or taboo subject matter.

Write Like You Drive; Hopefully Not Annoying.

I would like to believe I am a much better writer than I am a driver. The annoyances Kyle Stedman breaks down are some that I have focused on in my writing, especially in this class. Appropriately using quotes, introducing and spending enough time on them. I hadn’t given too much consideration to how many quotes may be too many, avoid over using quotes giving excess information without adequately proving substance to them. How much explanation and analyzing a quote need is never really clear and depend on the quote honestly but it is something I may need to continue working on. Introducing quotes well enough so they are not just hanging in the piece allows the quote to carry more weight and credibility. This semester I feel I have developed on my quote introductions, usually I would use a generic half sentence to introduce but lately I have been trying to add more of an introduction in order to ease into the quotes. Citing information is something I had worked on a bit in previous classes, learning to use in text citations and an alphabetical works cited page especially while doing research where many sources are introduced. I always try to stick to what I have previously learned about citing; different types of citing like APA and MLA, when to use them and how to properly use in text citations.

What can be done to protect queer youth from suffering the mental health issues that have been seen in the queer community for way too long? Understanding the reasoning behind the sheer number of queer mental health issues and ways this can be combated is imperative to protecting young generations and generations to come. We must veer away from the road of unacceptance and denial that we have been on. Michael E. Newcomb, who has extensively analyzed research on such topics, brings to light the how apaulingly limited the action has been to stop this cycle of mental health disparities between the LGBTQ+ community and their cisgender heterosexual peers. “Understanding the processes that lead to positive outcomes is essential to develop strategies for improving relationships between parents and their LGBTQ youth and mitigating health disparities.” (Newcomb et al.) Newcomb insists that more must be done to help the Queer community from suffering from mental health issues, research needs to be done to understand what is causing these issues and how they can be combated. The LGBTQ+ community has been overlooked for far too long, their mental health is just as important as any other therefore there is no reason we should be seeing the numbers of mental health issues we have been seeing for quite some time now. change starts with understanding, finding the root of these issues and effectively studying ways to combat these disparities.

  • Newcomb, Michael E, et al. “The Influence of Families on LGBTQ Youth Health: A Call to Action for Innovation in Research and Intervention Development.” LGBT Health, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers, 2019,

My Response to Stedman’s Article

Reading his article actually opened my eyes to the realization that I fall under a lot of writing factors that annoy Stedman. I for the most part already knew that my use of sources is not the best, but I did not realize how accurate he was for the most part. I had a writing phase at one point where I would start and end paragraphs with quotes because the teacher “wanted to make the audience think when reading.” Though I also do follow some of the fixes Stedman stated, he quickly said that readers would be frustrated by “why you used so many quotations” which I don’t think I overquote, but I do think I overextend on that quote, and either capture things that aren’t needed then proceed to also explain that part that plays little to no relevance to the entirety. Overall, what Stedman says is pretty accurate to me and I agree with what he says for the most part. The majority of the “annoying ways” I use sources are due to bad habits that I picked up while in school.

(Taken from my second source entry)

Music does not have to just play a role in the present. Music can be seen as a way to immortalize the voice and embed it in history where that artist can inspire many, decades after they have already died. One example of that happening is how it inspired Aloe Blacc, a modern-day hip-hop artist who inspired millions. In a video taken from Blacc’s TEDxTalks, Blacc states, ”Marvin Gaye inspired me to make music with a message, and my purpose as a songwriter is to make positive social change and that can either be through the lyrics that I write, songs that I sing or publicly sponsoring or supporting the issues that I think are important.” Gaye was an artist from the 60s who mostly made r&b soul music about love, lust, racial inequality, and a need for change, things millions of Americans could relate to. As an artist, Gaye’s goal was to unify everybody, fight AIDS, and fight for justice for everybody through his music. His music had message and that message was read to many around the globe, one of them being Blacc who chose to create his own music and spread his own message using his own voice. Even decades after Gaye’s death, his music is immortalized and plays an inspiration to many such as Blacc.

Writing To My Audience with Stedman’s Help.

Part1: Thoughts about reading Stedman’s article.

As for an overall concept of how to use quotes in writing and how to introduce them in your writing, I did not learn much. The thing that I did learn and like was the use of traffic and car signals as an analogy for Stedman to get his point across about using quotes. Turn signals in cars allow the people in the back to know what comes next when driving such as turning left or right. The usage of quotes is the writer’s turn signal. The way you introduce a quote and the lead-up to the quote tells the reader enough information that tells them that a quote is coming and that you know how to introduce a quote without it appearing from thin air. Something I also found interesting was how common the mistake occurs where the writer simply introduces quotes without anything prior to it. Stedman points out this issue in Armadillo Roadkill stating “Sadly, a poorly introduced quotation can lead readers to a similar exclamation: It just came out of nowhere!” Overall, this was a good read and I will focus on not making the mistakes that Stedman points out and continue to improve my own writing.  

Part 2: Writing to my audience

There is no doubt that robots are getting better and smarter. But what happens when robots go from doing flips at Disney world and simple everyday tasks to one day being able to do jobs that are much more advanced such as surgeries? Now that is a future we could be heading towards. When we talk about robots being able to do this one day it can be looked at as fear-mongering and that is not what I am trying to do. I am mainly focused on providing information to you the reader about what is to come from robots in the future in the work field and the future of how we interact with robots. When we focus on the work aspect of robots, we are left wondering what their purpose will be. Computer expert, entertainer, and YouTuber Muta from channel SomeOrdinaryGamers touches on this topic in a recent video titled “Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot Doesn’t Impress Me…” He mentions that the production of robots at the moment is very expensive as demand for robots is only specific to certain companies and people. But states “When this robot does get more advanced, and the mass production gets cheaper… it is going to be there to kick people out of jobs or force them to do something else” With this statement, it is clear that robots will have the potential to kick people out of jobs and make them learn something new. 

Navigating Genres 300 words

Logan Aloise

Prof. Jill Belli

Navigating Genres

October 21, 2022

Some genres that I know well are romance, fiction, fantasy, drama, horror, humor, mystery, poetry, realistic fiction. I learned these genres throughout my time in years of schools. My teachers have taught lessons about these genres and topics. A rhetorical genre can be a useful phrase to describe a category of rhetoric or a methodology for analyzing a piece of rhetoric. It means that it is a recognizable pattern for providing specific kinds of information for an identifiable audience demanded by different types of circumstances that come up again and again. I think the journalism genre will be the most helpful for my research paper because it uses various journalism styles, fields, or separate genres, in writing accounts and events. Newspapers, Articles, and periodicals often contain features written by journalists. Many people specialize in this type of genre in depth of journalistic writing. Research articles requires a person to spend time investigating and evaluating sources with the intent to offer interpretations of the texts, and not unconscious regurgitations of those sources. Genres always make use of the various literary forms as foundations from which to stretch out in many directions of expression. Forms and genres join with content to create the meaning of a piece of writing. Meaning is the writer’s message to the reader. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all-electric vehicles, also referred to as battery electric vehicles (BEVs), are both capable of being powered solely by electricity, which is produced in the United States from natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, wind energy, hydropower, and solar energy. In full electric mode, an electric car produces zero tailpipe emissions, dramatically lowering smog and greenhouse gas emissions even when considering electricity generation. Cleaner cars mean cleaner air and better health. Electric vehicles use electricity to charge their batteries instead of using fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Electric vehicles are more efficient, and that combined with the electricity cost means that charging an electric vehicle is cheaper than filling petrol or diesel for your travel requirements. nonfiction genre is about the issues surrounding events that are relevant to the present and the people that live in the present and the future. Nonfiction genre would be the best to talk about the issues of surrounding current events that is relevant to the present and the people that live in the present and the future.

finding all sorts of genres

In General Genres made me think more throughout my educational experience not only that The genres I looked up to were scientific genres like for instance animal discoveries, also music genres, and mystery genres.

These Genres made an impact throughout my life as a child as I was experiencing other shows and books. As a kid I use to anticipate on reading mystery books such as Death on the nile by Agatha Christie which was about a Belgain sleuth Hercule Poirot’s vacation aboard a glamorous river streamer turns into a terrifying for murderer when a picture perfect couple’s idylicc honeymoon is tragically cut short. this book was very interesting to me overall. I learned how the investigation began throughout this tragic mystery which ended in a sad ending I also interpreted some clues throughout this mystery book involving how the murder of the couples was set up and how it began from beginning to end.

overall mystery genres taught me a lot of experiences on how mysteries are being solved in a more efficient way it also gave me logical reasons on why people get into incidents that occurs in tragic situations. Throughout all aspects of Genres this taught me a lot about focusing more on the quantities of why a genre means to me and how its being illustrated in a clearer mindset. what genres mainly have in common is that they all have similar traits of their consumers whether it be drama, sadness, depression, or anger to a specific character illustrating ideas that may contribute to the consumer may result in a more comparing and contrasting way. Among these sorts of genres they have cohesive meaning behind them which means they can illustrates different stories and topics that are worth viewing differently or may catch a persons interest.

As for research the best genres to use are reports or newspapers you benefit and learn all from them which sometimes may cause pop up questions you may want to ask yourself sometimes. Reasons why these genres are good is because you learn more about the historical events that happened in the past which allows you to pull facts and information that can be useful in a way that you come up with a logical reason based on evidence which allows you to fulfill your conclusion.

Overall my unit two research would be a nonfictional genre involving money and how it important it is throughout our daily lives. My topic is mostly influenced with facts and logical reasons to provide context towards many impulse conceptions that we come across. research based on a nonfictional genre usually contains many sources as well leading up to interpretations among your audience which would help them understand your topic better and illustrate where your going with your desired topic you choose. when I find sources that I can use I’m able to pull out facts that I can use to support my own logical reasoning behind the source thats being citied which allows me to understand were I’m going with the research question I chose.

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