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I want to make sure my audience is aware about the hazards of electric cars and the benefits they provide for the environment. I also want people to know that this is still in the making and a new idea that is going to be a big impact for our future. The audience I am trying to teach is anyone with a driver’s license and that knows something about electric cars. I am planning to write in non-fiction because there is a lot of information regarding modern day cars and vehicles. I plan to get started by having good points and information to support any questions a reader may have or may want to know. I would be worried about the people that are not interested into cars and do not care to learn more about them and how they can better or worse our planet. My concerns would be not completing it correctly along with the correct format and layout. overall, I want to make sure I am doing the assignment correctly so I can get a good grade. Also making sure I can keep it entertaining to the reader and make them want to know more and be curious and ask questions.

Grant proposal, Grant For Extended Research

There has been very limited reach on what is causing the difference in mental health issues between the LGBTQ+ community and their cis gender heterosexual peers. It is imperative that we create an understanding of why this is happening and discover solutions so this cycle ceases to c continue. I am attempting to reach people who can fund research in this area to create a better understanding of the causes of the mental health disparities and support research as to ways this can stopped. I plan to get started by appealing to their pathos, making them feel an emotional connection to the cause invoking them to want to support the cause. I am going to need to learn how to formulate a proposal as I do not know what goes into one as of yet. I will most likely need to include statistics and accounts that I uses in my annotated bibliography to demonstrate a need. One concern I have is that I don’t know what a grant proposal really is or what goes into it, do I need a specific research project for them to contribute to, I don’t. Should I plan a speech instead of a proposal encouraging people to donate a provide specific organizations in which they can contribute to in order to further this research.


Unit 3 Proposal

I want to explain to my target audience the importance of managing expectations of a video game. Whether it be what they expect the finished product to be as a player or as the game’s developer. My target audience includes players who have been severely disappointed by AAA studios and the developers of said studios who have disappointed their fans. I plan on doing a video essay in order to capture my audience considering an article would be boring to read and most other genres don’t seem to fit the topic I plan on discussing. The best way to start on a video essay is to write the script for said video since everything I need to say can be easily organized from beginning to end. The script will contain several different disappointing AAA games (i.e., games that had its majority of reviews being negative on release), their development cycle, the marketing that caused them to become overhyped, and what could have been done to avert the poor release of the game. My main concern is the accompanying visuals that go with the video essay. A video of me talking into the camera isn’t very interesting but a video that has some visuals to go along with what I’m saying makes the entire video easier to watch. My second concern is writing the script since it isn’t like writing an essay or a report. If you want to appeal to more people, you have to sound like a person that is genuinely interested in the topic. Not like a text-to-speech robot reading an essay. However, if the video essay proves to be too difficult to do right within the timeframe I have, something like a blog post will also work. Developers do read blog posts and if they gain enough traction, they may even formally respond to them. As such, a blog post is a suitable replacement if the video essay plan falls through. The script won’t even need that many changes to it considering a blog post isn’t really formal.

Recoil control

As I researched and learned more about my research topic, I realised how confused and misinformed people can be about topics. This misinformation can ultimately lead people to misunderstand and misinterpret things, creating meanings and usage which might not be what it was originally intended for. The subject of ludonarrative dissonance is a topic which seems to suffer from such a conundrum. The term and its concept has been used and implemented far and wide but very few people seem to actually know or even understand its correct or proper meaning.

I intend to write a video essay, or perhaps a blog post, since making a video might be not possible but I will definitely try. I will primarily be aiming video game enthusiasts but game critics and developers could also benefit from it.

I will firstly do further research on my topic to form a more comprehensive perspective on it. If I do make a video I will have to write a script and gather content to create the material. I hope to create a well informed and informative piece of content which can provide a better perspective on a topic, I believe, most people think of subconsciously but not really understand very well. My biggest concern for this project would be finishing it on time. I also hope I do not provide any incorrect information which would completely defeat the purpose. Hopefully will be able to provide a comprehensive and interesting project worthy of this assignment.

My Proposal

In my Unit 2 research, I learned a lot of important info, some of which I already knew, and some that were relatively new to me. From that research, I want to teach readers that music doesn’t always have to correlate to modern art. When talking about music, many people probably think of today’s generation of music and genres such as hip-hop, rap, country, etc. Still, different genres of music have been used as a form of vocal expression during many civil rights movements in America. The audience I am trying to reach is those who don’t see music as more than just entertainment and melody. I want them to understand that music is a vocal emotional expression of people and has played a role in many movements that changed America. I plan to get started by briefly introducing a rundown on music and what it is and what it stands for to the average person today. Then, I plan to elaborate on my original research by saying how it’s more than that and has played a role in many movements that impacted America such as . . . and so on. I’m not really worried about anything on this project. I think it’ll be pretty simple considering we already made RAB and basically painted a road for the rest of the actual project. My main concern however is the organization of my sentences. I’m not really worried about the structure, I’m just worried about sentences that may run on or relate very little. Overall, I think I’m ready.

Proposal To Unit 3: Informative Speech

What I want to teach my audience is the importance of Robots and how their improvements over time can lead to them being able to take over jobs. I will mainly focus on the main jobs that robots could end up targeting because it mainly leads to jobs for unskilled workers. In doing so I will not only inform people about robots I will also inform whoever reads this about future steps that they can take. So that leaves the question as to who my target audience is. My target audience will focus on the millennial age range because they are the most at risk of losing their jobs in the future.  

Knowing who my target audience will be in the genre I am going to aim for is most likely an informative speech. Doing an informative speech allows me to condense all the information that I did from Unit 2 into a much more compact and straight-to-the-point way.  The way I plan to do this moving forward is by revisiting the Unit 2 information I researched and condensing all 3 of my data into something that is easy to read and follow because no one wants to read a long essay that will most likely lose people’s interest after reading 1 page. The only thing I am worried about is how I mentioned I will shorten all my information into a shorter and less tedious reading. 

Unit 3 proposal based on how money affects people and their living opportunities

According to my research overall in unit 2 I plan to do a non fictional genre since Im persuading to my readers about how money affects the most important things in life such as its people and their living opportunities. I mean since I have researched a lot from unit 2 I think I may be able to create more ideas as I write about what I wrote for unit 2 and expand it more in terms of making my words and sentences actually fit and make more sense. I want the readers to understand the importance of money and how it can benefit people in a positive and a negative way.

Unit 3 proposal

As surpising as it is, good can come out negative situations such as divorce parents. But it also comes with a lot of negative effects. The audience I am trying to reach our people who have went to this and have similar experience as each other. I believe my writing will touch this group of people. Or anyone who wants to just learn about this . The genre I plan to write this one is narrative or speech. I leaning to speech because my research is based off of facts and data , personal information. I plan to get this started by gathering all the information I learned from unit two, not sure what to do after that but I’ll figure that out as i go. my only worry is time. I forgot to hand in my research paper for until two , that I spent a very long time doing it I’m afraid of that happening again.