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Progress + plan

So this is what i have so far. its basically just two stanzas and its a really rough first draft. My goal is to have an interesting but informative poem. This is just a start even though im not really sure if this is a good start, just because i had a hard time really understanding the assignment. im going to start typing on my computer soon. i just wanna hand write it first in order to get in right when im typing.

“Annoying Ways People Use Sources”

Everyone has there own special pet peeves, the can range from slow walkers, bugs, people chewing too loud. And everyone reacts to these triggers differently.The author discusses the problems readers may experience with particular publications. he’s begins to talk about different things writers do that us the readers can find “annoying” such as waiting too long to get to the point. personally I don’t mind I think background information is important. But many others readers dont like that. There are no established guidelines for writing but im assuming all writers are Required to get to the point right away to avoid the people with the “pet peeves”. Writing and slow walking, in my opinion, follow similar rules. Similar outcomes to, not everyone is gonna wait behind a slow walker. and not everyone is going to finish reading something that doesnt get to the point .In the article  “Annoying  Ways People Use Sources,” Stedman discussed how annoying writing habits connect to various issues. i find it very interesting that the author having a great way of connecting the outside world to writing in a very detailed way, In a way that connects well.

Unit 3 proposal

As surpising as it is, good can come out negative situations such as divorce parents. But it also comes with a lot of negative effects. The audience I am trying to reach our people who have went to this and have similar experience as each other. I believe my writing will touch this group of people. Or anyone who wants to just learn about this . The genre I plan to write this one is narrative or speech. I leaning to speech because my research is based off of facts and data , personal information. I plan to get this started by gathering all the information I learned from unit two, not sure what to do after that but I’ll figure that out as i go. my only worry is time. I forgot to hand in my research paper for until two , that I spent a very long time doing it I’m afraid of that happening again.

Navigating Genres

There are many genres, some that we know of and there is some that are unheard of that many of us cause we do not exist. or the case maybe that others know more about a certain genre then the rest of us vice versa. Personally I am well educated on most of the genres that I’ve been taught in the past years. I few that I am well aware of is thriller, horror fiction. nonfiction and fiction. Horror is the one genre that I’m most interested about I love to read anything with horror and scary things! So i know most about that in non-fiction. I learned them in school Because I was constantly gave nonfiction books to read. I also know what the genre is because I’ve had to write and figure out what genre was a certain type of reading that I read. The common features in the horror genre is Your typical ”scary movie” outline. instead it’s not pictures actual words printed on paper. when you are reading anything with horror you tend to read about ghost, graves, haunted objects or houses. Four can be fictional or nonfictional because the Author could be telling a real life story, based on true events. on the other hand it could be completely made up. some of the genres that I would like to learn more about in unit two is Humor. Because I still don’t understand how you could write something that involves humor I would like to see different passages with the genre been humor. For some reason I cannot fully grasp the concept of tha type of writing. Along does a comedy, Once again I’m not sure if it’s two different genres or if they are connected but those are the ones I’ve never really understood and would really like to see more im unit two, just to step out of my comfort zone! The Genre that would probably help with my research for unit two is non-fiction because I would be reading peoples real life experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Research question

What are the long lasting mental,effects of parental divorce have on children? I am interested in this topic because I have a personal experience with this topic. It always has sparked my interest because I am the result of divorced parents.But i also know that not everyone is like me and we every child has a different affects. I also would like to research and learn more about this topic because my second major choice was Communications and that involves learning a lot about certain peoples triggers and childhood experiences which that major relates to this research topic, so all it all connects which each other which is really interesting! While researching I have many expectations, I have a feeling that most of the recourses online will see opinion based blogs, and personal blogs where people with divorced parents and the short and long term effects on it. I expect these results because there is no real answer to this question, everyone turns out differently and it makes me wonder the difference ways kids turn out and grow up effects. If the results aren’t what i expected and the results turn out to be and if we all have similar results i would be really surprised but i will not changed my topic, and i will definitely challenge my assumptions. I say this now because i already know that what i expect will be the results because no one is the same and we all heal differently, and it really all depends on the situation not all divorce situations ended bad. There can be parents who didnt end so bad and the child may or may not have negative effects. Some positive can come out of situations like this, but i strongly believe that everything i gather will mostly be on the negative spectrum.

What makes me curious

As a kid what has sparked my interest the most was cooking. I was very interested in culinary and always love to watch my mother cook. As I grew older I learned to love the beauty of cooking and baking. so I am still very much interested in that topic! Learning how to cup comes with a lot of questions do you need to ask how much of the ingredients you need and Specific times certain foods needed to cook. I would also look up recipes online and ask my mother why we are adding certain things and mixing other things together. over the years my curiosity has grown even more and I became more passionate. I begin wanting to learn how to cook even harder meals and wanted to be criticized based on my skills. The education system did not support my desire for cooking. in school we barely learned anything About culinary arts it was just straight math, history English and science. I do not like learning about these things because it was just not in my Interest zone. my interest has been very consistent and I’m glad I now have the time to get into cooking more!

A talk to teachers

I believe that Baldwin is trying to say the history behind African American culture, where any person of colors story will always be “Larger” and much more then it is told, or written down in the books. I also believe that he uses the word larger to give the reader with hope that things can be changed and even though history keeps repeating itself, maybe if we are taught the right things we can make change, be larger. educators mostly teach on whats on text books that were written years and years ago, history has changed and baldwin expresses The importance of educating the youth the RIGHT way. I couldnt agree more , It is clear to me that we only get taught half the truth, and we dont get educated on what’s going on now in the world. Personally, in middle school we have learned that Christopher Columbus was a hero and discovered land but in Reality he stole land from many natives. I wish I had learned that earlier just because it was really an eye opener. why not teach kids the truth? This relates to what baldwin was saying about educators and them being able to teach beyond the books.

Education Narrative

We experience various things in our daily lives that lead to character development. It is possible to have educational growth. In my case, I recently underwent educational development. On my first few days in college, I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn’t anticipated how quickly things would move. I eventually came to the realization that I had grown overly accustomed to the manner in which high school instructors taught. It was only the first day and we had mastered three different math topics in one sitting, I was sitting there puzzled in math class when it all began. Even after asking questions and receiving a prompt explanation, nothing made sense. When I got home, I honestly believed that there was something wrong with me. I couldn’t figure out why I was having trouble with the math topic. My relationship with school became really poor as a result. I wasn’t sure if it was myself or the teacher, but even though it was only the beginning, I felt the urge to drop the math class. I also started to feel quite stressed out and unmotivated. I felt disoriented and stuck about everything, from the schoolwork to the forthcoming test. I started to understand that I cannot learn in a fast-paced environment. I am aware that I am not the only student that feels this way, many students do. The problem is that others who are likewise unable to learn under hurried situations end up feeling agitated and unmotivated. The education system doesn’t teach us that is it okay not to know, it’s okay to have a different learning style from the rest. The system makes myself and other kids like me feel like it’s my fault that I don’t comprehend. Things can be adjusted and just because we are in college doesn’t mean it’s not okay that I am not learning as fast, it should be normalized. Students may experience a deeper effect from this; in addition to stress, they may stop attending class altogether if they don’t grasp what is being taught. My ability to take notes of everything has improved as a result of not having to spend three hours in the class sitting in confusion. I would return home, review all of my notes, and watch YouTube videos related to the subject. I’ve never done anything like this before for school. I had developed the practice of telling myself things like, “Oh, I don’t understand, so I’ll take notes, go home slowly, and go over it.” possibly watch some videos. This is quite reflective of me because I was never the type of student to go home and study my notes; I did so only when I had an exam coming up. I now diligently study every day in order to gain comprehension and avoid falling behind. Cheating on my homework is another problem that resulted from my inability to comprehend my work. The simple solution had a lot of challenges; during tests, I would be completely lost and unable to comprehend what I was doing. I got progressively angrier at myself. It has been difficult for me to learn in a fast-paced setting. My patience and my mind were both stretched by it. I wished to give up often and never believed I would be able to comprehend. As someone who never doubts herself, this put a lot of strain on me because I was continually furious with myself and blaming myself. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep attending my demanding classes. I also know that many students who struggle like me have given up, and I don’t want to be like them. Instead, I would like to teach myself to persevere no matter how difficult things get.

My first educational conflict.

On my first day of college was already nervous enough. I already didnt know what to expect where to go, and how i was going to make any friends. Starting my actual school day I didnt think it was bad at all, it was the basic first day materials. Until I got into my class long class period. Its two hours long, with no breaks. Thats when I started to feel the pressure. Time was very slow but my teacher pace was very fast. Thats when I realized college was nothing like high school.

Now you may be wondering how something so small had such a big effect on me. To start off I was very overwhelmed. It was such a big change in class room environments. I didnt expect to go into math on the first day and hear we would be having weekly quizzes and a homework assignment the day of and because of how fast my teacher talks i couldnt pick up any knowledge. I started to ask myself “this is a 2 hour class and I still dont understand?” I became unmotivated. I dislike that class and I never want to be there just because I know that everything in that class moves fast and even if I ask questions I still dont understand. I began to realize that this learning environment is stressing me and is not for me

message to future tahani

Is math much easier for you? hows it going with the family situation? i hope all is well and your on the right track to graduation and still very motivated, hows shanny?! I cant wait to see you at the point where your finally all settled and genuinely happy where you are at! I hope you are so proud of how far you went and i know you kept growing!

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