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School is Killing My Curiosity And My Reason Why.

Something that I was interested in not necessarily as a kid, but in middle school through high school was technology and IT such as CISCO. But as time went on, I noticed that IT and CISCO was no longer something that I found interest in as I kept learning more about it. But that did not stop me from trying to find a spark to reignite my passion for IT again. I asked questions to my teachers and friend who is in the IT field. But still nothing. I believe what ended up happening was I grew out of that passion, and it did not help that when I was studying IT in High School the teacher, I had for 3 years was very difficult to work with. This teacher was very difficult to work with, so he did not allow many questions and only read what was on the slides. The questions we asked were answered by the assistant teacher in the same room. Sometimes the assistant teacher became the main teacher and was the reason many of us went from failing to passing the class. My fourth and final year of High School I was told that that teacher I had was no longer my IT teacher, so I thought maybe I can finally learn something from someone new. At first, it was going well, and I thought it was going to be a good final year, but after a couple of weeks I noticed that my teacher was doing the same thing, reading from the slides and questions that we had were not answered to the best of his ability. We had to teach ourselves. So, after a long year and much thinking, I came to the realization that maybe it’s time to think about something else as a career, so I decided to try something in the medical field. Main reason being it’s something I deal with every day, and I have been a patient myself for a long time and I think I can bring my personal experience to help and assist with other patients.

My thoughts on A Talk to Teachers by James Baldwin

I believe what Baldwin is saying about the world being “larger” is its history and the current history as it writes itself. Almost never-ending. If we take a look back at when this was written in the year 1963. Baldwin was born to a family who were slaves. This means he has a close experience of what slavery was and still is as he is still being discriminated against. In current times we now have expanded to other issues such as police brutality, racism, and poverty. All issues have increased over the years making it seem as if the world is so large and just this long and deep hole that is difficult to crawl out of.

“A Talk to Teachers” helps with also focuses on the necessity to examine the background of the minority. The world paints a terrible picture when it comes to black people in America. With a deeper understanding of “A Talk to Teachers,” we see that Baldwin refers to the development of the black street kid as a product of what America is. Baldwin writes ” Looking at the society which has produced him… He becomes a kind of criminal because that’s the only way he can live” Society has treated black people wrong and the way Baldim provides help with his thoughts is by him writing “I would teach him that he doesn’t have to be bound by the expediencies of any given administration, any given policy, any given morality; that he has the right and the necessity to examine everything” Examining everything bring curiosity to people and with this curiosity people will learn and develop more and grow. In addition to this, I also feel like I would like to know about the topic of mainstream media and why they feel like they need to write and post things about black people in order to make them sound like the enemy when in reality, they are a construct of what America left behind with no help.

My first Education Narrative Thoughts.

During High School, I saw it in class and it was a science class. My teacher was Dr. Irikura and she was explaining to us modern medicine. She went over how modern medicine has changed over time and then explain the morals and ethics portion of cloning. Dr. Irikura let us all in class have an educational discussion. During this, it was almost shocking and it stunned me how many students were engaged but this also heavily intrigued my already existing interest in medicine. Everywhere I looked I saw someone paying attention, well almost everyone. Two students in the back were on their phones playing games. As a class, we had a good time. We ended up doing a final essay for fun and we all presented our final argument on whether cloning was ethical or not.

My interest in learning more about medicine and how the body works started when I was young. My first ever surgery. Everything was new to me, I was cold, and nervous but also excited. My mother was with me from the start and still is. The moment I was diagnosed with Hypophosphatemic rickets or XLH I made myself look up the condition and learned more about it. Fast forward a couple of years and about 10 surgeries later I am still learning about my condition. New medication such as Crysvita exists and is still improving. So as time goes on perhaps I could be someone who can help develop a cure one day.

Message to Future Me.

To me in the future, I hope the goals that you set have been reached. I know that right now as I am writing this, you are both stressed and ready to take on a new challenge. I hope that you are well and that doctor appointments don’t get in your way. Perhaps you made this year easy by doing work on time, or maybe you struggled a bit but got back in rhythm. Nonetheless, maybe you had something in your mind that you feel cleared from but as I write this nothing can be said. I wish you the future me a good life and a good school semester.

I rarely take photos of myself, so the only photo I have is when I was in the Nam building at City Tech. So that is my experience so far.

How to Read Like a Writer.

I believe that what Mike Bunn means when he states  “You are already an author” is, that we focus too much on writing instead of reading how to write better. And this is something that How to Read Like a Writer mentions as well stating, “making things even more difficult is that your college writing instructor may expect you to read this way for class but never actually teach you how to do it.” So the fact that we are being taught how to read first and then write means we can develop a better train of thought.

Some of the things I already write are essays, stories, and personal notes. The way this existing expertise will help me in my college reading and writing career is by already providing me with a solid foundation that I can build on with further improvement. Improving such as using patterns, trying to question the author, and developing new techniques.

Some techniques that I would use, would most likely be starting a piece of writing either a story or essay with a quote. I feel like a quote can really stand out and hook the reader into wanting to read more. For example, in How To Read Like a Writer, they mention an essay that started with a quote from President Obama about the war in Iraq, stating “Say you’re reading an essay in class that begins with a short quote from President Barack Obama about the war in Iraq. As a writer, what do you think of this technique?” Starting this way makes sense since it instantly starts with what the essay is about. This also makes what is to follow flow easily. Overall that is the main technique I will work on, but that is not to say that I can not work on improving personal notes and annotations, as I personally still struggle to make personal notes about a reading.

Some notes I had during and after the reading of How To Read Like a Writer.

About Me.

My name is Brandon Rivera, I am a new student at City Tech and currently getting used to Blackboard and OpenLab, as I have never used them in the past.

During the summer I had a job via Summer Youth Program or also known as SYEP. I had fun; my job was to take a course, I got to learn about video editing, and managing a business, but most importantly, I was thought to try new things and explore many other hobbies to see what I like.

A couple of hobbies I currently have is SimRacing, Simulated racing is a racing game that mimics accurately auto racing, such as fuel usage, damage, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings. This allows me to enjoy my Formula 1 dreams and GT racing without spending the millions that are involved in Motorsports.

Overall, I am excited to start a new chapter in my education and looking forward to this year and my future at City Tech.

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