Unit 1: In my opinion Unit 1 does not need to be fully revised which is something I am struggling with, as it was an education narrative that is based on something in life that made me interested in the education field I am currently in. I will go over it again a couple of times and add more context to certain details that lead to one another such as the timeline in between each surgery that leads to me wanting the education path I want. Also, I will slow down the pace as I feel that the chronological order goes by too fast for the reader to fully grasp what my narrative is about. In addition, I also will shorten my Unit 1 writing length as it is way too long of length.

Unit 2: With unit 2 I have started to plan out minor revisions to the quotes that I used and the way that I introduce them to the reader. I noticed that the way I implement the quotes sounds like they are in your face and don’t give you enough time to process what you are reading. I will also take into consideration what my peers have mentioned to me that can be improved upon for both units 1 & 2.