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Week 16: Monday, December 5 – Sunday, December 11

Hi everyone, and happy Monday!

First, my apologies for today’s announcement coming out slightly later than expected … I had technical difficulties this morning, but thankfully it’s all been sorted out!

Second, thanks to all who submitted their Unit 3 final drafts by the deadline last night. I was excited to see them all roll in, and am especially enjoying checking out your new genre compositions!

Third, we’re in the serious home stretch of the semester now, with just a few weeks left. This week launches our final unit (Unit 4), which takes a holistic approach to the work we’ve done together this semester. It also prioritizes deep and meaningful revision & reflection.

We kick off this week with some new readings and resources on revision, as well as a review of work we’ve done in that area all that semester. On Wednesday, we’ll do a deep-dive into Unit 4 and begin drafting work for that final project. Links to the Unit 4 assignment, writing workshop, and draft will go live on Wednesday.

As always, I’m available to provide additional support to you on this final project. Comment below with any questions, or send me an email.

Please note that, in addition to my regular weekly Office Hours on Thursday (12/8) 11:30am-12:30pm, I’m offering a pop-up office hour this week on Wednesday, (12/7) 3:00-4:00pm. Feel free to come by either day (or both days!) to discuss your Unit 4 plans, revisions of previous work, or anything else related to your work in the course.

I welcome (and strongly encourage) everyone, as always, to come conference with me in my Office Hours. We can cover so much ground in just a few minutes there, and it’s always a joy to connect with you all individually and to discuss your writing.

And speaking of joy …

It was so very lovely to see your “joy” comments from last week — thank you for sharing!

As I mentioned last week, I know that this time of the year (and semester) can be quite difficult: feelings of stress, burnout, & overwhelm all creep in. In times like these, it’s crucial to take care of ourselves so that we can stay healthy, grounded, and happy. Let’s get ahead of things by sharing tips for self-care with this week’s low-stakes discussion.

Do you practice self-care? If so, what are your self-care routines? What is one new thing you’d like to try to promote your self-care? When can you incorporate this new self-care practice this week? (make sure you choose something that’s do-able, since next week you’re going to report back on what you did & how it went)

As always, everyone should comment at least once, by EOD (end of day) today, Monday, 12/5.

Thanks all, and have a wonderful week ðŸ™‚


  1. Jamani Anderson

    I practice self care every day and my self care routines are making sure I get my work done on time. one new thing I would like to promote towards my self care would be my skin routine cleansing soap for the face. I can incorporate this new self care practice in the morning and afternoon times .

  2. Brandon Rivera

    Some self-care routines I do are going outside for coffee, staying clean/ taking good care of my hygiene, talking with friends, and listening to music. These self-care routines can be incorporated now, you can speak to someone close and catch up. Listen to music to relax and focus on your thoughts.

  3. Holaly Dzakpa

    My self care routine is taking care of my health, appearance and hygiene. Relaxation is very important for everybody but being myself is my kind of relaxation. It makes the stress that comes from school, work and home much easier to deal with. Sometimes I listen to music to relax. There is nothing like reading a good book in absolute quiet to relax you. Or even going to the library by yourself to breath some fresh air.

  4. Tahani Rabah

    My self care routine is watching Netflix after taking a nice shower. And being all caught up on my work is a form of self care because I ended up feeling all good. Having relaxation time is very Important because it keeps us happy and refreshed. And we all need some us time once and a while.

  5. Jill Belli

    Thanks everyone for sharing these thoughts on self-care. Loving learning about what you do to prioritize your own well-being. I know it can seem difficult to find the time to offer care to yourself when we’re all already always stretched so thin, but even small tweaks to our daily routines can make a huge impact (both in the moment & over time, as they accumulate). Something I learned years ago and that has been hugely impactful on me is that, when you’re feeling flooded with emotions (stressed, fearful, anxious, angry), pausing and taking five deep, intentional breaths allows a calming and a reset. It’s hard to remember to do it sometimes in the moment, but it really does make a huge difference. I encourage you all to give it a try sometime, especially when you turn to your writing (which, as we know, can bring up all-the-feelz!).

  6. Neal Ross

    My self care always starts with shower, I need to feel clean before I can relax. I am a chronic binge watcher so I will always find a new show to binge. If I am really in need of self care I need to read in order to clear my mind, I will light a candle, make some tea and read for a few hours. I want to try turning off my phone or placing it in another room so I can fully focus on myself and whatever I am doing. It is hard to find time to do this but Thursday nights when all my work has been done is usually a good time where I can not worry about classes the next morning and I am able to. I am going to try this Thursday to get all my work don’t somewhat early so I ca give myself a few hours to really just destress.

  7. Henry Ren

    I try to make time for self-care, but sometimes it’s difficult, especially during busy points in school and at home. Some routines I take would be along the lines of watching something, playing games, or learning a new recipe and sharing it with my family. I can incorporate this probably around the weekend since this is a pretty busy week regarding all the exams and stuff I have to do at home.

  8. logann

    My self care is relaxing and going outside somewhere open and just makes me feel free and can breath and let out all the stress and negative thoughts out of my head and just relax. I can try to get more rest and trying to read more than watching tv. I will also try to take my dog for longer walks and try and eat healthier.

  9. Jill Belli

    Hi everyone, and happy Thursday! A few friendly reminders:

    • I have another round of Office Hours today (11:30am-12:30pm) — feel free to pop in any time during that hour with questions
    • You can find the links for the Unit 4 assignment and Writing Workshop on the Schedule. Please note that I did some re-arranging, and pushed back the first draft of the reflection to next week (you’re welcome!) to give everyone some more time to digest this final project and to practice your self-care 🙂
    • Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) are due tomorrow, 12/9. If you haven’t done them yet, please take a few moments to complete them for our course. You can find more details about what they are and where to find them on the Schedule page.

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