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Week 14: Monday, November 21 – Sunday, November 27

Hi everyone, and happy Monday!

First up, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page re: calendar / logistics. This week is an abridged week for us, since the College is closed (with no classes scheduled) starting Thursday due to the holiday. That means that we only have one work deadline for this week (instead of the usual two): Wednesday (11/23) at noon.

Your primary focus this week is continuing to draft your Unit 3 projects. To support you, there is new content in the Unit 3 Writing Workshop and a new Class Discussion exploring “mentor texts” (both require student participation).

I know it can be tempting to just put off this work, but don’t let the deadline creep up on you: complete drafts (the new genre piece + your Artist’s Statement) will be due the week we return from Thanksgiving break so that we have time to peer review that work. If you need inspiration and tips for staying on track, re-visit last week’s Time Management Workshop.

Since the College is closed on Thursday, I won’t be holding my regular Office Hours that day. If you have any questions or need anything, comment below or reach out via email as soon as possible. I’ll be checking in / replying to students through Wednesday afternoon, and then will reply to any messages again the following Monday after we return from break.

Speaking of break, wishing you all lovely long weekend: may you use the break (Thursday – Sunday) to rest, recharge, and catch up on any work as needed.

This is a week that many people celebrate thanks-giving (they give thanks for the things in their life). So for this week’s low-stakes discussion, we’ll be exploring gratitude (another critical component of self-care). Research has consistently shown that regularly practicing gratitude is strongly correlated with increased well-being.

Drop a comment to share something you’re grateful for, & why. It can be anything, big or small, as long as it’s something for which you are authentically thankful.

As always, everyone should comment at least once, by EOD (end of day) today, Monday, 11/21.

Thanks all, and have a wonderful week 🙂


  1. Khandoker

    While experience we have few and understanding almost none, grateful I am for the things that come.

    Perhaps the real thanks giving are the thanks we made along the way.

  2. Brandon Rivera

    I am thankful for my family and friends. They all have been supportive when I underwent surgery a year ago and have kept me pushing forward.

  3. Henry Ren

    Thankful to be alive

  4. Neal Ross

    I am thankful for my freedom and opportunities, the ability to shape my life whichever way I want. I am thankful for the possibility of the future and all that is to come, good and bad, and for the growth that will follow.

  5. Jamani Anderson

    I’m great full for everything that God has put me through especially with the knowledge to know all sorts of interesting things that’s I’ve never known before in terms of the world we live in.

  6. logann

    I am thankful for all the people that care for me in my life.

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