Electric cars will affect and benefit the future of the world. The future of driving and commuting with vehicles may benefit or harm our daily lives. I like to drive cars and I enjoy hearing the engine, by trying to make electric vehicles mandatory there will not be that thrill of hearing engines at least for fast cars. They are trying to have modified sounds to help counter this, but it is just not the same with the smell and power behind the wheel. Electric cars are much faster at accelerating but they lack a high-top speed. I also heard that just to make batteries for these electric cars is more harmful for the environment than gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. While doing my research I feel that I will find a lot of different sides and opinions on these new fancy futuristic cars. I also think I will find information on gas prices and paying for fuel having a more economic cost, but I personally believe that it will be much more negative for electric cars because to charge your car it can take hours depending on how good chargers are and how many people are using them. Gas takes approximately two minutes to fully fill up a car and keeps the line moving smoothly. Imagine having to wait hours just to charge your car and while it is charging what are you supposed to do in the meantime it will waste so much time. Another reason is they promote the idea to charge your vehicle over night at home in your garage but not everyone has a garage most people just park on the street. Is everyone supposed to just have extension cords lying all around the streets and sidewalks. What will people do with all their gas-powered vehicles there will be so many cars that still work that people will be forced to switch into electric it will take so many years just to get rid of these cars. If I find information that what I am expected to find, I will just have to see if I agree and write about what everyone is talking about pros and cons. I will not throw all my research away I will just take it as a lesson and new information that I retained. I will write about everything both what the research says and what I personally believe is right. I will challenge myself because it makes it more interesting, and I get to learn more about this topic as well as help others on understanding the positives and negatives of electric powered vehicles versus gas powered.