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Know Your Publication

We’ve spent a while now thinking about who needs to hear your research (the ideal audience) and the best genre to present that research. Now we’re going to layer on, with an activity that will help you to identify places your writing could be published (or posted).

There are a whole range of different publication sites (e.g., an online magazine, like Teen Vogue, a forum like TED Talks, or The New York Times “Opinion” section). Take some time to explore possible publication forums for your particular genre piece (paying particular attention to the rhetorical situation, such as your intent / purpose, audience, message, etc). Then identify one particular publication forum you think is ideal for your Unit 3 piece.

Your goal, as always, is to be intentional & specific — target your efforts for particular project. If you’re writing a short story, look at a collection of short stories. If you’re writing an article for an online magazine, consider your audience and think about which is best and why (e.g., Teen Vogue is not the same as The Atlantic). If you’re writing an OpEd, look for the OpEd section of a major newspaper (such as The New York Times). If you’re making a YouTube video, look at a particular channel that produces similar content and reaches a similar audience. And so on.

*If you have a particular genre you want to write in, but you haven’t been able to find a forum where it would be published or posted, don’t immediately switch genres! Talk to me first &/or ask your classmates for help … I’m sure we can find something.

On your own, answer the following “Know Your Publication” questions for that publication or forum.

Know Your Publication Questions:

  • What kinds of articles/ stories/ media (and ads and videos for that matter!) are on that site?
  • What does that tell you about who they think their audience is? How do you draw that conclusion?
  • How long are the pieces usually? (pages, words, minutes)
  • What is the tone, usually? (e.g., funny, serious, casual)
  • What kind of diction is usually used? (e.g., casual, formal, academic)
  • How do they usually use evidence / support (such as data, quotations, interviews)?
  • What can you tell us about their visual presentation? Is it all black and white text? Video with lots of graphics? A mix? Something else altogether?
  • Do you think this would be a good publication or forum to reach your intended audience? Why or why not?

Share your answers with the class by leaving a comment on this post by 12pm (noon) on Friday, 11/18.

Make sure to include, at the beginning of your comment:

1) what your topic is
2) who your audience is
3) what your genre is
4) what publication/forum you’ve looked at (don’t forget to cite/link to it!)

Thanks all! Together we’ll review & discuss your content in this Class Discussion at the end of the week … can’t wait to see what you come up with here 🙂


  1. Brandon Rivera

    My topic is about robots and their purpose in the work field and why I think they are an issue for our future generation. My audience is gen z and younger because they are more at risk of not getting a job and also losing their jobs in the future to robots. My genre will focus on an informative speech because this allows me to include most of my information in a condensed and easy-to-grasp way. Some publications and forms that my informative speech could go on would be a TEDtalk or a Forbes article because both focus on current events and business.

    Both TEDtalks and Forbes websites have articles, and stories that range from personal stories and informative speeches, the genre that I am writing in. An issue that arises from these two publications is that unless my informative speech is shown to a class my TEDtalk and Forbes speech will land in the hands-on teen and adults that are interested in business.

    These pieces range from 1-page length to 2 on the Forbes side which is filled with information. TEDtalks are about 10 – 20 minutes which is about 1 to 2 pages. This lands spot on with my informative speech because it will be about 2 pages. Some TEDtalks can be more casual but I will focus on a more serious and informative tone while also being formal and academic. Their evidence is used as citations or when mentioned during the speech as a way to cite and quote information.

    The visual presentation of a TEDtalk is formal and does not have much editing or graphics during the videos. The Forbes site is simple with a white background and full of information on all sides from other topics. I think both of these publications are my best bet to reach my target audience because it triggers the curious side of the brain of those interested in TEDtalks and Forbes topics. I believe my topic is interesting enough on its own that people will read and get information that will change the way they view robots.


  2. Neal Ross

    As I am shifting gears to a speech, forums like ted told and oven just social media platforms to gain engagement with my speech are the more ideal forums. There are wide varieties of speeches and talks on forums such as these therefore It is a perfect platform to get my message across.

    My topic being Parental effect on LGBTQ+ kids mental health, and I would be reaching out to parents to help them better accept their kids queer identity as well as preventing negative effects on their children.

    Ted talks generally have a more professional nature as they are geared toward an older audience in professional setting so parents can engage with a ted talk speech as I would be preparing. They definitely range in length, They don’t necessarily haver to be a 20 minute long speech as some are, 5 minutes is acceptable as long as your point gets across and a shorter speech is more suited for social media platforms. The tone should definitely be serious as I am discussing a serious topic but it should include some light hearted parts in order to keep the audience engaged. A full length serious speech will be hard to resonate with and will be easily to distract from. I cantata different direction is how I want my speech to be perceived but an educational tone with some casualties would be most effective. A lot of times while giving speeches you can quote by saying where or whom your information is coming from as well as providing visuals with statistics or images to support your points. There is usually a mix off images and text with data included.

    A professionally organized speech is a good forum as it will provide myself with credibility to my audience. they won’t have to analyze as much before they are willing to accept and learn from what I am attempting to get across.

  3. Jamani Anderson

    The topic I will be discussing is based on how money affects people and their living opportunities. As far as The audience I will inform more so towards adults and teenagers and convince them about the important facts of money and how its being used in terms of people’s living standards. I feel like people overall would have a-lot of interest with this topic because its very interesting to learn I think people can benefit more from how money is being used for the society and how it pays of people’s living standards.

    In regards of the genre I will be doing a non fictional genre because I feel like my topic fits a nonfictional piece which will persuade readers and how important money is and how it can benefit people’s living opportunities, but overall I will be explaining a-lot of key facts that are important that a-lot of people can learn and understand more as they read more debt about it.

    In addition to publications and forums I think my topic would go under current events and news articles because I think money plays a major role in understanding the concept of how money is being used and what its being used for not only for the changes of society people make. I think Long reads and Copy Hackers would publish this article because it seems very informative and focus mostly about the history around money and how it influences people and overall their living standards. I feel like both of these publications can focus on multiple current events and visuals especially for businesses or other informative articles that are being used.

    I will make my article mostly two pages covering about my topic and what it means and also I will use a picture to describe what my article is about and where it stands as a whole.

    “Home.” Copywriting for Startups and Marketers, 9 Nov. 2022, 

    Potts, Olivia, et al. “Homepage.” Longreads, 17 Nov. 2022, 

    Long reads allows you to publish informative articles especially books so other audiences can view your article as a whole I think its possible you can publish as many pages of your own article as you would like on their as well.

    The website copy hackers is another website where you can publish your article as one and it allows other readers to view and learn about your article once you publish it on their as well which I think is very useful as well you learn a-lot of things from both of these websites from publishing your own articles to reading about them on your own and other audiences as well to reach a better platform.

  4. Holaly Dzakpa

    The topic that I want to pursue is why racism is taught to youngchildren and how the wrong information can be prevented. My intende genre is an informative article. My target audience is parents who do not know what to say to thier kids when asked any question about race. This is important information because your child is young and a lot of useless info is overwhelming.

    1. There is one article that I found great intrest in because the article has a bulleted list that explains to the reader what you should say to your kids depending on educational level. A news report on a racist act of hatred is unfortunantely not uncommon and your kids are bound to see it. But this article will help prepare you in advance for a difficult conversation such as this.I will link this below
    2. During my research of a video, I came across a Ted Talk. I love Ted talks because they are informative and not boring. I just like the jokes and the stories of thier experiences instead someone talking about the fact for hours long. I really liked the speakers. All the spearkers on ted talk are very comfortable with thier surroundings. I will link this below

    Article number One:  Reviewed by: Roger R. Harrison, PhD Date reviewed: June 2020 

    Ted talk number two:  Speaker: Heather C. McGhee Dec. 2019

  5. Henry Ren

    My topic is on How Music Plays a Role in American Movements, specifically racial injustice and civil rights movements. My target audience is people who know little or disregard the real message and symbolism in music. My genre will be similar to that of a magazine blog or article so I can convey information that is easy to read and organized. I’ve looked at many different publications from magazines to videos and speeches. Some of them are TedxTalks from important musical artists and some are publications from monthly magazines about music.

    TedxTalks, Peoples Magazine, and BBC are all media and press outlets that are fairly popular in America and certain parts of the world. They focus on trends, entertainment purposes, and idols in the world. In their publication, they focused on many aspects of my research such as the background and the importance of the music. There are little to no ads.

    From their publication, it draws me to the conclusion that their target audience is millennials and for entertainment purposes. I say this because they are less formal and include lots of images to support their structure.

    Both BBC and Peoples magazine are about 3-4 pages long. Aloe Blacc’s TedxTalk is 18 minutes long. All of these sources have well-over the amount of information I need to develop a well-written research paper.

    The choice of words in these sources is all genuinely the same. They’re inspiring and written in a casual tone that doesn’t sway too far from a formal piece of writing. They have interesting lines that I could definitely use in my paper without it sounding too formal or too boring.

    They use data and interviews to support their claim. Peoples Magazine uses interviews as well as data to show personal experience and overall effect. BBC uses data that provide strong evidence. Almost all TedxTalks are from interviews and personal experiences that the audience can feel.

    Their visual presentation is pretty basic. Both BBC and People’s magazine provide a black and white font text with various images in between that match certain parts of their articles/blogs. In TedxTalk, there are no images or graphics, but there are songs performed to provide an example of a message with music.

    Yes. I think that this is a pretty good publication to reach my intended audience. They provide interesting facts and data with a tone that isn’t too boring or too formal. They are flexible in the way they write and add a lot of images that promote their point. I will structure my project to be similar to that of theirs.

  6. Jill Belli

    Thanks to those who have already completed this work (if you haven’t done so already, please make sure to comment ASAP!).

    We’ll keep this Class Discussion open so folks can read through / comment on one another’s work (to see what others have been exploring). Next week, we’ll revisit this work along with particular texts within these genres & publication venues.

  7. logann

    Online magazine, like Teen Vogue, a forum like TED Talks, or The New York Times “Opinion” section. The possible publication forums for your particular genre piece paying particular attention to the rhetorical situation, such as your intent / purpose, audience, message. Ted talks are usually anywhere form 10-20minutes for good long conversations. The tone is usually more serious with hits of humor to not boar their audience. The diction used is usually formal so they can get their statements and points across to help the listener better understand and stay on track. They probably find their information online and from other people. They usually make it seem like they know everything about what they are presenting and talking about. Just basic with they on stage or sitting in a chair like a podcast. I don’t think making a video would be helpful because you forget a lot of the stuff they say and have to replay it multiple times rather than just going back into the text. However it is nice not to have to read and just sit back and relax to a conversation.

  8. Tahani Rabah

    My topic is on how the process divorced parents effect children ( when i say the process I mean what comes behind it ) the fighting (if any) the separation process and i was researched if there were move negative effects as I expected or is there children who actually benefit from this experience, If so what was different from others.

    i looked around and the most effective pieces I saw were Ted talks, mostly because they are 10-20 minutes of people talking from experience which was very helpful. In these ted talks they are usually more serious topics which are aimed at people willing to learn more about them or people who went threw similar experiences, which is what my target when I’m going to write my speech on. I was gonna do a poem but I feel as if a speech fits my topic more. The tone in these ted talks are serious, although some might crack jokes. I believe this type of format they use is great, especially for my topic but instead of just speaking, I’m going to write.

  9. logann

    The tone that is used is passive aggressive. the source uses research about public rights and fairness of respect to people. Someone was just saying hello to a fellow neighbor and they all started yelling at him to go away or else he was going to get arrested and saying there was a fire even though there was not. It is a 20 minute YouTube video I watched just before doing this assignment so it is fresh in my mind. I think the main audience of this source is to show respect of other people and always be nice to others especially someone that you thought was your friend. How he found it very rude and disrespectful so he went out of his way to buy a fire truck and go back to his house and show that he’s the boss now. I can write about fighting back and getting done what is right to show how it felt to be in that position. I would like to avoid being two sided and just sticking to one side of the story and make it clear what side I am on.

    Topic: Electric cars

    Audience: Automotive Enthusiasts

    Genre: Current events

    YouTube fire trucks

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