Everyone has there own special pet peeves, the can range from slow walkers, bugs, people chewing too loud. And everyone reacts to these triggers differently.The¬†author¬†discusses¬†the¬†problems¬†readers¬†may¬†experience¬†with¬†particular¬†publications. he‚Äôs begins to talk about different things writers do that us the readers can find ‚Äúannoying‚ÄĚ such as waiting too long to get to the point. personally I don‚Äôt mind I think background information is important. But many others readers dont like that. There¬†are¬†no¬†established¬†guidelines¬†for¬†writing but im assuming all writers are Required to get to the point right away to avoid the people with the ‚Äúpet peeves‚ÄĚ. Writing¬†and¬†slow¬†walking,¬†in¬†my¬†opinion,¬†follow¬†similar¬†rules. Similar outcomes to, not everyone is gonna wait behind a slow walker. and not everyone is going to finish reading something that doesnt get to the point .In¬†the¬†article ¬†“Annoying ¬†Ways¬†People¬†Use¬†Sources,”¬†Stedman¬†discussed¬†how¬†annoying¬†writing¬†habits¬†connect¬†to¬†various¬†issues. i find it very interesting that the author having a great way of connecting the outside world to writing in a very detailed way, In a way that connects well.