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Logan Aloise

Professor belli



I want to make sure my audience is aware about the hazards of electric cars and the benefits they provide for the environment. I also want people to know that this is still in the making and a new idea that is going to be a big impact for our future. The audience I am trying to teach is anyone with a driver’s license and that knows something about electric cars. I am planning to write in non-fiction because there is a lot of information regarding modern day cars and vehicles. I plan to get started by having good points and information to support any questions a reader may have or may want to know. I would be worried about the people that are not interested into cars and do not care to learn more about them and how they can better or worse our planet. My concerns would be not completing it correctly along with the correct format and layout. overall, I want to make sure I am doing the assignment correctly so I can get a good grade. Also making sure I can keep it entertaining to the reader and make them want to know more and be curious and ask questions.


  1. Brandon Rivera

    As someone who is interested in cars and also electric cars. I would like to know more about their hazards and also their benefits. I like this proposal because this is a topic that is hard to argue for and against. Do you have an idea of what you will be doing? Such as a nonfiction story? Will you focus on a specific company of electric cars such as Tesla? Or will you also include information about other electric cars? How will you write this non-fiction piece to someone who was to read this and they were not really interested in cars or even electric cars do you think that they will find this information important or will they gloss over it? I think adding an interesting hook, in the beginning, could help with pulling in the reader. I am interested to read the final product and learn something new. Good luck. 

    • Logan Aloise

      Thank you for the helpful comment, pointers and questions I appreciate it!

  2. Neal Ross

    It is definitely good to not only focus on the good or bad but to include both allowing the consumers to make their own conscious decisions while knowing the implications of their choices. With non-fiction its is easy to become uninterested especially when a lot of information is being shown at you. Breaking the piece up into many different sections with their own heading and goals can be one way to split up the information and keep the readers engaged. Perhaps even adding images to your nonfiction writing would help to keep the writers engaged. With electronic cars becoming increasingly popular many people would be interested, being able to relate it to their lives can help keep them engaged while reading.

  3. DavidP

    How do you intend on keeping the topic interesting? With non-fiction as your genre, there is a limit on what you can write about. Considering that you can only write about what we have now, maybe add your own theories on what electric cars could become in the future. Nothing outlandish of course but maybe something we will see in the next decade if we continue to innovate electric cars.

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