There has been very limited reach on what is causing the difference in mental health issues between the LGBTQ+ community and their cis gender heterosexual peers. It is imperative that we create an understanding of why this is happening and discover solutions so this cycle ceases to c continue. I am attempting to reach people who can fund research in this area to create a better understanding of the causes of the mental health disparities and support research as to ways this can stopped. I plan to get started by appealing to their pathos, making them feel an emotional connection to the cause invoking them to want to support the cause. I am going to need to learn how to formulate a proposal as I do not know what goes into one as of yet. I will most likely need to include statistics and accounts that I uses in my annotated bibliography to demonstrate a need. One concern I have is that I don’t know what a grant proposal really is or what goes into it, do I need a specific research project for them to contribute to, I don’t. Should I plan a speech instead of a proposal encouraging people to donate a provide specific organizations in which they can contribute to in order to further this research.