According to Kyle D. Stedman on the article annoying ways people use sources I feel as that he’s trying to persuade readers about different ways of how people are using sources and receiving so much judgement towards it in a way that it becomes annoying. In regards to this Kyle D Stedman he states that ” writers can forget that their are readers are just annoyed at writing that fails to follow conventions as drivers are when stuck behind a car that fails to move over”. However I believe that being able to read and writer are two different concepts of learning I mean as a reader you have a vision of what you are reading and the knowledge behind it. In other terms as a writer I think you propose to writing with the ideas that you may have in your mind. Overall I think Stedman is trying to tell readers the difference between a reader and a writer in a way.

In addition to this Stedman has also mentioned about how people are unreasonable and picky when it comes to using their own sources, paraphrases, and quotations. The reason for this is that readers may not be able to anticipate from what those writers have wrote thats why it would be hard to understand from those readers in terms of their writing context . Furthermore, in terms of using citations as Stedman mentions ” I cite a source by hyperlinking in an academic essay, I use parenthetical citation that refers to a list of references at the end of the essay”. In reference to this I believe as writers we use citations without hyperlink by in other references we do however its a matter of where we got our information so we use hyperlinks to identify where we got our information from. Stedman also mentions that ” I strategically learn the expectations of my us academic audience, what I really want to say comes across smoothly, without little annoying blips in my readers’ experience”. Apart from this, learning your audience comes with experiencing what you actually thought yourself in terms of writing.