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Don’t quote me on this

Kyle Stedman’s take on “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” is both humorous and informative, doing its best to keep the reader egaged and interested. He presents his points in a relatable fashion using examples of things or situations people might be familiar with. The “annoyances” Stedman speaks of are rules of quotation everyone should keep in mind, especially students, both familiar and unfamiliar with using quotations in writing, as they are often guilty of these. Even still, Stedman does say even the best of writers do the points he mentions but they have to be experienced enough to use these techniques effectively by first following the conventions he mentions.


the concept of ludonarrative dissonance has been increasingly misinterpreted and misused by the majority of the video gaming community. Journalist and writer Benn Dunn states in his article “…there have recently been increasingly common instances of the term being incorrectly applied to games it shouldn’t and is seemingly being used merely as a way to sound objective when negatively criticizing a particular videogame.” Using ludonarrative dissonance like this just to criticise a game someone does not like gives it a negative connotation and only serves to decrease its value causing people to not take it as seriously. This can especially be a problem if used by critics and journalists, the ones most people would rely on to get their news and understand of the subject matter. This has in fact already caused many people to dismiss the term entirely, viewing the term itself as a joke or taboo subject matter.


  1. Brandon Rivera

    Interesting topic I am interested to see the end result of this topic. I have never heard about ludonarrative dissonance and am interested to know more. As someone who is just now hearing about this, how will you write in order for someone like me to understand this topic better and fully grasp this concept? Will you write in an informative way? Or do something bold like a video essay about ludonarrative dissonance? Good luck with this project and I look forward to the final result to read it. 

    • Khandoker

      Thanks Bradon for the suggestions, I will definitely keep in mind how to accomodate for unfamiliar readers. I hope you will not be disappointed.

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