Logan Aloise

Professor Belli

“Annoying Ways People Use Sources”

November 9, 2022

  1. Everyone has pet peeves that people don’t like some it might be slow drivers in the fast lane or chewing your food with your mouth open or popping your fingers. People do annoying things all the time that just drive us insane. He talks about the frustrations readers may have with certain writings like fast drivers have with slow cars in front of them non letting them pass. He says that in both situations the slow driver/ sloppy writer either doesn’t know the right way to set the stage and write/ drive properly or they know and just don’t care. Writers should work on always having signals to tell their readers about their intentions just as drivers use turn signals to tell other drivers of their intentions.
  2. People a lot of the time when it comes to writing forget about a lot of the rules because there is so many kinds of writing, but a lot of the time people don’t know the rules or just don’t care and write sloppy. Writing and driving is similar how there are lots of rules and sometimes you forget them or had taught them because there are different teachers for everyone. In the essay, Annoying Ways People Use Sources, Stedman related how annoying things that people do in writing relates to different things like driving behind a slow driver in the fast lane. No one really likes a slow driver in a fast lane and sometimes people lose their temper and start yelling and waving their arms but there are at least two explanations for why some slow drivers fail to move out of the way. One is they don’t know that you are supposed to move to the right if a car wants to pass. Or the second reason is they know the rules but don’t care about annoying people or what others think