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Proposal To Unit 3: Informative Speech

What I want to teach my audience is the importance of Robots and how their improvements over time can lead to them being able to take over jobs. I will mainly focus on the main jobs that robots could end up targeting because it mainly leads to jobs for unskilled workers. In doing so I will not only inform people about robots I will also inform whoever reads this about future steps that they can take. So that leaves the question as to who my target audience is. My target audience will focus on the millennial age range because they are the most at risk of losing their jobs in the future.  

Knowing who my target audience will be in the genre I am going to aim for is most likely an informative speech. Doing an informative speech allows me to condense all the information that I did from Unit 2 into a much more compact and straight-to-the-point way.  The way I plan to do this moving forward is by revisiting the Unit 2 information I researched and condensing all 3 of my data into something that is easy to read and follow because no one wants to read a long essay that will most likely lose people’s interest after reading 1 page. The only thing I am worried about is how I mentioned I will shorten all my information into a shorter and less tedious reading. 


  1. Neal Ross

    Its great that you know your target audience and have the genre in which you are working on. Even with informative speeches it is good to find common ground with the audience to get them on your side an interested. I would suggest to even start with a personal story or something more light hearted in order to not fully emerge them with information right away and keep them interested in the rest of the speech. If you have not already done so I would pick a speech organizational structure that suits your goal and information being presented. Here are some speech organizational structures if you are not sure what one would be. topical, chronological, spatial, problem-solution, cause-effect, and Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

  2. Logan Aloise

    Very interesting topic that not many people seem to understand that one day these robots will take over and control us perhaps. You may be able to add what some of these jobs may be that will replace humans and how it would benefit society. Also you could say how people are also going to get more jobs for creating these robots such as keeping them updated, programmed, maintenance and reliable. I am looking to read more about your finial product keep up the good work.

  3. Henry Ren

    Solid proposal. It sounds like you have the road paved out, but I’m just curious do you plan to upload just the speech or actually record it in an audio file? I think that doing so will be a very excellent addition to your project.

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