"Annoying ways people use sources" by Kyle Stedman talks about what annoys an audience and other authors. I think that the most important thing in writing is to gain the intrest of the reader and accepting positive feedback from professional authors who want to see you improve on your mistakes. Another thing that is also very important is the way the author stick to the story. What surprised me is how important it is to create an almost perfect source. Meaning the quotes chosen should have everything to do with the topic of the reading. With that being said, if you recieve on how to revise your source but you don't know how then my question is how can a good source/quote be formed? How do you ask how to do it without cheating online? I liked when(Kyle Stedman) he said that it is annoying when the quote is just dropped in out of nowhere. And there is "A Fix". "The easiest way to effectively massage in quotation is by purposefully returning to each one in your draft to see if you set the stage for your readers- often, by signaling a quote is about to come, stating who the quote came from, and showing how your reader's should interpret it".

Unit Three:
My rhetorical question Why racism is taught and learned and what I mean by that is the enviorment. Kids believe everything our parents tell us because we are too young to form opinions on your own. Unfortunantly, when a racially motivated tragedy is reported on by the news we automatically look to our parents for explanations but not ones that bore us because a kid's attention span.... An article that I found that I like called "Talking to kids about race and racism(for parents)" (linked down below) talks about why it is important to speak to children about racism at a young age but to also not give them too much information as to not overwhelm with things they are too young to understand. They provide points on what to say to kid depending on thier educational level and have a video on diversity among students. Maybe the genre I will make on unit 3 is an article that will contains useful information that can also keep your attention.