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Week 8: Monday, October 10 – Sunday, October 16

Hi everyone, and happy (sunny!) Tuesday. I hope you all had lovely (long) weekends!

I know the past few weeks’ Schedule changes have been hard to keep up with, but the good news is that yesterday was the last one for a while. From now until Thanksgiving, the college calendar runs as normal (whew!). I’m certainly glad to return to a more regular schedule, though I’m sure we’ll all be looking forward to that time off by the time the end of November rolls around 🙂

Thanks all for your work last week: the reading annotations in Perusall, your participation in Class Discussions, and your individual blog posts about what makes you curious. This week, we’re getting deeper into research (and Unit 2), drafting more fully formed research questions, and starting the research process itself. As promised, we’re also going to take a deep-dive into the Unit 2 assignment itself through a Writing Workshop.

Because we missed Monday classes this week due to the holiday, I’ve extended the Wednesday/Friday deadlines for this week to 11:59pm. This is something many of you had asked for in your Check-In Student Surveys recently, so I’m glad that I can offer you these extensions this week 🙂

All details about this week’s work are, as always, are posted on the Schedule page. Please do keep up with the deadlines, especially the one for the Research Question blog post (W 10/12 by 11:59pm). I will be providing feedback on Thursday to each student on their topic/question, provided that they submitted their post on time.

Remember that research topics have to be approved by me, and it is likely you will have to go through a number of iterations of refining (or perhaps even changing) your topic before you get to one that will be appropriate for this assignment. Having a clear, focused question is the key to a successful outcome for Unit 2!

Friendly reminder that my next Office Hours are on Thursday (10/13) from 11:30am-12:30pm. Feel free to pop by to discuss your research project (narrowing down your topic, finding / evaluating / annotating sources), get feedback on your work / progress in the course more generally, or just to say hi! It’s always lovely to see your faces and get to talk with my students 🙂

We’ll also continue to use this space to address any questions you might have for this week’s work, so comment below for that as you see fit.

*Later this week I’ll also be posting updates on grades / course progress, so stay tuned on that front!

Finally, we’re going to continue with what we started last week: using this space to have low-key conversations to support one another and to build community.

Therefore, the first thing you should do for this week (after reading this post and the Week 8 Schedule) is to comment below to say hi & tell us something about how things are going for you. Last week a handful of you participated (thanks!), but this week we’re aiming to get everyone’s voice in the mix.

Again, you can share something interesting you did recently, something you’re excited about, how your semester is going, post a photo you took and tell us why you like it … anything really. It would be super-awesome if you would also ask a question in your comment to engage the other students (and on the flip side, if you would respond to other students’ questions). It’s all fair game — just show some signs of life, engage, maybe even have some fun! It can be SO easy to feel isolated and lost in college, especially around this time of the semester, and especially in an asynchronous course. So let’s motivate and support one another through the process — we’re all in this together 

Looking forward to continuing the conversation below. Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful week!


  1. Brandon Rivera

    So far my semester is going well, I think I have adapted well to my classes and their different schedules. Nothing really exciting has happened as of yet. Looking forward to the new unit as it seems a bit of a challenge.

    • Jill Belli

      So glad the things are going well Brandon, & that you are looking forward to Unit 2!

    • Khandoker

      Want to play video games man?

  2. Khandoker

    I find consuming good or interesting media always triggers the mind. It brings new ideas and accentuates my thoughts. I enjoyed watching Cyberpunk: Edgerunners recently, it made me more interested in the world of Cyberpunk and learn more about it than I already knew. Perhaps it could influence some thoughts and bring some interesting ideas I could work on in the future. Any piece of media any of you might currently be interested in?

    • Jill Belli

      Thanks for sharing, Khandoker! I haven’t seen that series yet, but definitely want to check it out. I’m pretty into the cyberpunk genre more broadly, and also routinely teach our Science Fiction (ENG 2420) course here at City Tech 🙂

      • Khandoker

        Wow Professor Belli never would have guessed. I find Science Fiction very interesting since it explores the realms of reality and possibility. The series I am referring to here is part of the Cyberpunk world created by Mike Pondsmith, perhaps you are familiar with it. It is a very deep and extensively built world one which I believe you would find interesting if you aren’t already familiar with.

        • Jill Belli

          Yup — it’s the speculative nature of science fiction (imagining otherwise, seeking alternative possibilities) that I really enjoy too. I’m not familiar with that content, but am definitely going to check it out — thanks for the tip!

          Consider taking ENG 2420 sometime in the future, if it fits with your schedule and curriculum needs (it is my all-time favorite thing to teach here at City Tech!). A heads-up that City Tech also has an amazing Science Fiction (library) archive and that we host a Science Fiction symposium every Fall. This year’s event is taking place in early December over Zoom, and I’ll be posting more details to the class and offering extra credit for attendance (it’s free!) if students are interested in checking it out. You might also be interested in the City Tech Science Fiction OpenLab site, which offers information about all things Science Fiction here at City Tech:

  3. Khandoker

    Duely noted Professor. I will definitely be looking forward to the symposium.

    Thanks for the resources too.

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