As a kid I was always interested into wheels, tires and cars pretty much anything that moves with wheels bikes too. I am still interested into these things and I notice that I am always noticing the little things about them. I enjoy the styling, different sizes, different capabilities and unique styling. I have actually saved two trucks from a blow out that could have lead into a bad accident because of my interest and precise detail in keep on looking at wheels and tires. I have found a couple of very big slits on the tire and a busted bead in the middle of the tread literally on Wednesday just from looking because of my interest and even by accident or just staring at it for fun. Even when it comes to finding nails in the tire when my father couldn't find it I took a look and found it. I would like to know more about tires and cars to help me understand future on how cars are made and properly function to become road worthy. I hope to one day customize and restore my own classic car to bring to a car show that will leave everyone with a smile on there face and a expression of approval.